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But don’t lose heart. With a little research and some effort, you’ll become much more comfortable meeting new people, especially if you’re stuck at your desk or at the movies and want a friend to go out with. We’ve learned some really great ways to meet new people, whether you’re looking for a date, a friend, or just a source of conversation.

What to do:

1. The first place you should look is at your coworkers.

You’re already there during the workday, sitting next to someone you know. Many of your coworkers will likely have similar interests and values as you, which may be all you need to get started. A great way to make friends at work is to offer to help coworkers in their personal lives—like they’re your go-to source for information on birthdays, engagements, and even the Big Three (girl friend, husband, and boyfriend). And if you’re lucky enough to work in a small office or with people who are familiar with your quirks, it’s even easier to meet people.

2. Are there any extra-curricular activities you can join?

Whether it’s a bowling league, a sports team, or a social club at your workplace, it’s important to get out of your regular routine to meet people. The more you do, the better. It’s a good idea to join extra-curricular activities with others who have a similar focus and interests as you. If you’re already active in sports, join the team—you’ll meet new people. If you’d like to try something new and different, sign up for a class—it’s a great way to meet new people and learn something new. Sometimes these extra-curricular activities can be truly life-changing, like when a young man participated in a bowling league that later led him to a career at a Fortune 500 company.

3. The second place to look is in your neighborhood.

Your area is home to tons of people, from your next-door neighbor to your mailman. Stop by your neighbors’ houses and talk to them. Make sure to bring a small gift, like a cupcake or an album of photos, and ask for permission to look at their mail or garden. If you notice they’re having trouble with something in their life, ask if you can help them out. If they need something to mow the lawn or the kids need a new bike, drop everything and lend a hand. Trust me, http://www.spicysingles.co.uk/articles/kinky-free-hookups-in-uk-top-facts-to-know-about-british-girls
While we’re not trying to turn you into a pick-up artist (or worse yet, a one-night-stand), we are putting this guide together to give you some pointers, so that if you’re planning to try to find love online, you can avoid the following pitfalls and burn out a lot less quickly.

You’re Attractive, But Guys Only Want Women Who Aren’t Too Attractive

If you don’t have a lot of relationship experience, it can be hard to realize that, yes, despite how much effort you’ve put into looking good, how much you’ve improved your resume or updated your profile, some guys are just looking for the next Anna Nicole Smith. If that’s you, then it’s worth it to do the extra work and cut back on the Dr. Pepper in the hopes that you stop hitting the break-up and rebound treadmill. (And you know what? You can even enjoy a second round of that Diet Dr. Pepper.)

If you are looking for a relationship, your best bet is to accept that you’re only going to get a limited amount of responses, and that guys are only going to be interested in that cute girl they can fall in love with. If you’ve made the decision not to act on your attraction to someone in the past (without a really good reason), it can be hard to believe that you can have an equally passionate, long-lasting relationship with someone. It doesn’t mean you should give up on the people you’re currently seeing, but it’s worth accepting that the guys you like might only be interested in you because you don’t look like a train wreck.

You Put A Lot of Effort into Your Appearance

Put simply, we have seen it too many times in the New York women’s movement for it to still be a myth: If a woman puts a lot of effort into her appearance, she is more likely to be taken seriously and get responses from guys who value her. It’s just a fact.

From the way you dress, to your hair, to your makeup—and even to the way you carry yourself—whether you’re walking down the street or in an interview, you are the sum of your style choices. If you spend all of your time and energy overanalyzing what you’re wearing, or how your hair looks, you are always going to be left wondering if you’re somehow making people see you as less or if you’re just hiding your best self under a pile of rock.