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Possibly the line:
nftable ,

has IP addresses listed in it and thus isn’t working.
If that’s the case, you need to list out all the valid IP’s that should have access, and do the same for .


Python – Importing large folder of CSV files into a MySQL table

I have a folder full of 1000’s of large sized CSV files.
Can anyone help me figure out the most efficient way to read those files and insert each row into a MySQL table with Python?


I’m guessing that each CSV file will be at least 2 MB or so, so you have a few thousand MB to deal with.
Since python supports file I/O on the csv module, this would be something that you might want to look into:
This is an example that’s fairly trivial, but shows how you can read a CSV file into a list of dictionaries
#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
with open(‘foo.csv’) as f_input:
reader = csv.DictReader(f_input)
for row in reader:
print “processing %r” % row

This is a csv file from a previous iteration of my answer, you can see it now contains a dictionary that contains the data we would like to insert into a MySQL table
Frontier,Memorial,Smoky Mountain Skyway,2007-03-23,2007-03-23
Regent,Adventuresome,Northeast I-70,2007-04-05,2007-04-05
Tierra Del Sol,Superior,Northeast I-70,2007-03-23,2007-03-23
Noir,Adventurous,Northeast I-70,2007-04-05,2007-04-05

Usage could have its own import, so that you don’t end up with a copy of usage in the current directory.
import usage

UsageTuple = usage.Tuple
UsageList = usage.List
UsageMap = usage.Map


Well, it’s a.NET dll, you can’t just convert it to a Delphi one.
If you’re going to use a.NET dll anyway, you can simply ignore the COM/CLSID nonsense and use.NET Api, as you did before, it will automatically unregister itself from COM when unloaded.

To register the DLL
1) In a command prompt, navigate to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe
Acrobat\Adobe Acrobat XI Pro\AMTxnlib.dll
2) Type regsvr32 AMTlib.dll /service and hit enter.

or, since you’re using delphi, you can register it like this:
// Register the DLL
procedure TForm1.RegisterAMTlib;
// Import the Acrobat Interop Library

// Register the Acrobat Interop DLL

The same for the DLL you download from ScottGu and use with.NET, just download the exe and register it like you did with the Acrobat DLL.

To use the DLL
To use the Acrobat Interop DLL, when you have the.NET version, simply add the reference to your Delphi project, just as you have done before.
To use the.NET version, create a small class and add a [InterfaceType(ComDefaultInterfaceType.IDispatch)] attribute. You can then add various methods, get/set properties. You would do something like this:
// Use the.NET Acrobat Interop DLL

or, to use the.NET version’s document class:
// Use the.NET Acrobat Interop DLL

Trying to look at the source for the dll on that page is pretty useless, since it’s far from clear (and will probably be wrong).


Is the notion of a universal point of an open subset of a metric space

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