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* Welsh language file.
* Author: Taegen (

theUILang.resourceTitle = “Resursyddion”;
theUILang.resourcePath = “plugins/resources/”;
theUILang.resourceLoaded = “Resursyddydd wedi bod yn agor ar y dde.”;
theUILang.resourceNew = “New Resursyddion…”;

thePlugins.get(“resource”).langLoaded();1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to a device for detecting a misfire in an internal combustion engine and more specifically to a misfire detection device which includes a plurality of electrically operated air/fuel ratio sensors connected to a negative-feedback type of control system for controlling an air/fuel ratio of the mixture to be supplied to the engine cylinders.
2. Description of the Prior Art
A conventional device of the above-mentioned type is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 4,606,693 issued to Katsuro Yoshida et al. According to the device of Yoshida et al., a pressure responsive engine fuel supply control is provided wherein an exhaust pressure signal is supplied to a control system for controlling an amount of fuel to be supplied to the engine through a fuel injection valve. The control system is provided with a fuel supply control which is determined by an air/fuel ratio sensor mounted on an exhaust passage downstream of a catalytic converter or a fuel supply control which is determined by an exhaust pressure signal.
In the case where the air/fuel ratio sensor is located on the exhaust passage, the exhaust pressure signal is low-pass filtered to extract a pressure wave having the same frequency as a rotational frequency of the engine and hence it cannot be used to detect a misfire in the engine.
In the case where the fuel supply control is determined by the exhaust pressure signal, the exhaust pressure

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