Alcatel X230l Driver |TOP|


Alcatel X230l Driver |TOP|

Alcatel X230l Driver > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Alcatel X230l Driver

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With that said, if the modem is working, you should be able to manually update. Download all of the files with the. The Alcatel OneTouch X230L firmware can be updated to.

OneTouch X230L PC Software and Drivers from the company’s official website. The purpose of this post is to download and update the Alcatel OneTouch X230L firmware to 2.00 version. The latest version of Alcatel OneTouch X230L firmware can be downloaded from: one touch. Its popular mobile phones are like Alcatel OneTouch X230L, One Touch X430L, One Touch X430s.
Microsft have released a number of security updates for. How to Install and Use Drivers & Software of a Computer for Your. Once

Alcatel X230L USB Mode Driver. Bluetooth Driver For Alcatel USB Mode Modem Devices.. MSI Drivers For ALCATEL X230L,X220L,X230L,x220s,x220s,X230l,X230s.
Download the latest drivers for your Alcatel HSPA 3G Modem to keep your Computer up-to-date. .
Want to download drivers for your Alcatel X230L,X220L,X230L,X220S,X230S,X220s,X230s,X260s from a downloadable driver disk.

I love you Microsoft for not charging you to download drivers for your product but I must say I would hate the fact that I have to go through something like this for my phone, which is now useless.

As I mentioned earlier, the drivers are free, the only problem is that I can only find Windows compatible drivers and I have a mac.

I’m trying to get my Alcatel X230L to work. I’ve downloaded a couple of drivers but none seem to work. This is the driver I downloaded for the X230L:

I then tried installing this:

But the X230L still doesn’t work. Do I have to install these drivers separately? As it’s for Windows 7 x64.


It sounds like you need a driver for the Windows 10 USB Mode driver for the AT&T Wireless solution for Alcatel X230L.
As far as I am concerned, the correct driver for AT&T wireless is:

You will have to download this yourself, as I don’t have Windows 10 available on my machine.
Note that this is the “Windows 10” version for the device that has an “X” in the AT&T Wireless extension.
As another note, it sounds like you may have other issues. If you have an AT&T contract you will need to check with them to see if they are able to accommodate you.

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