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This article is an overview of all the features that are available in AutoCAD Download With Full Crack, which will help you to decide which features are the most relevant to you. For each feature, a screenshot is provided to help you see what the feature looks like in practice. You may use the arrows to navigate through the screenshots.

Table of Contents:

1. Home > Sections

2. Home > Linetypes

3. Home > Lineweights

4. Home > Dimensions

5. Home > Slopes

6. Home > Topography

7. Home > Streams

8. Home > Surface Generators

9. Home > Vector Shapes

10. Home > Text

11. Home > Styles

12. Home > Utility

13. Home > Filters

14. Home > Project

15. Home > Section > Section

16. Home > Dimension > Dimension

17. Home > Slope > Slope

18. Home > Topography > Topography

19. Home > Streams > Streams

20. Home > Surface Generator > Surface Generator

21. Home > Vector Shape > Vector Shape

22. Home > Text > Text

23. Home > Styles > Styles

24. Home > Utility > Utility

25. Home > Filters > Filters

26. Home > Project > Project


Sections can be used to view sections of an object.

Home > Sections > Section

Click on a section to see its properties. To clear the section, click the Edit > Clear check box.



Linetypes are shapes that are used to define the appearance of lines in a drawing.

Home > Linetypes > Line > Line

Click on a line type to see its properties. To clear the line type, click the Edit > Clear check box.



Lineweights are used to control the size of a line.

Home > Lineweights > Line > Line

Click on a line weight to see its properties. To clear the line weight, click the Edit > Clear check box.


Lineweight | Size | Layers


AutoCAD PC/Windows

AutoCAD, originally AutoLISP, was originally released in 1987.
AutoCAD LT, based on AutoCAD, was released in 1990, and discontinued after version 2009.
AutoCAD 2010, released in July 2007, introduced new features, including the ability to use a tablet PC as a second display device.
AutoCAD 2011, released in September 2010, adds support for wireless networking to the tablet PC edition of AutoCAD.
AutoCAD 2012, released in July 2011, introduced many new features, including parts of a software architecture called “Open Architecture”.
AutoCAD 2013, released in September 2011, introduced a major change in the GUI.
AutoCAD 2014, released in August 2012, introduced a significant change in the UI: the ribbon-based GUI is replaced with a GUI consisting of “tabs”. AutoCAD 2014 introduces a software architecture known as “open architecture”.
AutoCAD 2015, released in September 2013, introduces a radical change in UI: the GUI consists of multiple “tabs”, each of which contains a different area of functionality.
AutoCAD 2016, released in June 2015, added applications such as AutoCAD WS, AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD MEP.
AutoCAD 2017, released in September 2016, added AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Electrical.
AutoCAD 2018, released in April 2017, added support for the Architecture Design Language and the Unified Engineering Framework.
AutoCAD 2019, released in September 2018, added support for 3D and the Internet of Things (IOT). It was first released on Mac OS X and Linux in March 2019, and later released for Windows in June 2019.

AutoCAD Architecture allows users to model the framework of a building, without having to specify the materials or place the walls, doors, etc.

AutoCAD MEP allows users to model mechanical and electrical equipment, such as power plants and factories.

The Unified Engineering Framework (UEF) is an open architecture model for developing and managing products. The UEF provides interoperability between systems.


AutoCAD, in addition to being a CAD application, is used in many fields, such as architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and many more. It can be used to create a 2D drawing from a 3D model, but it can also create 3D drawings, provide a range of features and functions

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