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ADI, which stands for Autodesk Digital Imaging (and which used to be AutoCAD), is the company’s imaging product line. It is designed to allow a client to create a computerized image of any object, or a digitally captured image of any existing object. It includes, among other programs, the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT drawing software, as well as the Autodesk 3D Warehouse and Autodesk 360.

In 2013, Autodesk acquired animation software maker, Alias Systems, the developer of Autodesk Animator and Alias Studio, with the intent of combining these into one product.

A specialized feature of the software, called ‘project collaboration’, allows for multiple users to view and modify the design all in one workspace. This feature was particularly well-suited to BIM and virtual reality in the real world (VR) and introduced in 2013.


AutoCAD originated in the late 1970s when computer engineer Ed Biersack was trying to make a CAD program that could run on a desktop minicomputer. He had worked at IBM’s CAD division, where he created the first CAD model on IBM’s PC-based PC-10. With the advent of the Apple II, Biersack moved on to Apple. However, he was dissatisfied with the way Apple’s graphic technology worked, so he formed his own company, Xerox Business Systems Corporation, to develop a CAD program that used the 2D graphics capabilities of the Apple II’s internal monitor. He was joined by computer scientist Gary Milanesi, who had written a pioneering laser-based vector graphics display device for the Apple II. This display was known as the Apple LaserWriter or LaserWriter.

In 1980, they began to work on what eventually became Autodesk, Inc. – Autodesk is an acronym for Autonomous Digital Systems Corporation. The two formed an alliance with Apple in 1982, enabling them to use Apple IIs and Apple II Plus computers in their CAD work.

The name Autodesk was registered in 1982, after the Autodesk Corporation, which published the first two products of the Autodesk product line – AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, and Autodesk was first used as a company name in 1984. In 1995, Autodesk was acquired by media giant Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and in 1998, Autodesk became an independent, publicly traded company.

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AutoCAD 2023 24.2 [Updated-2022]

To help with the mapping, click on the tab called ‘Map
the Key’, look in the box on the left for ‘Result’. Click
save and then close the map result box.

Open Autodesk Viewer and click the link on the right called
‘Start Re-mapping Mapped Keys’. Then click ‘Open

Once open, click ‘AutoCAD’ and then click on the tab
called ‘Map Results to Viewer’. Click on ‘Save Map’ and
then ‘Close’.

Close Autodesk Viewer.

Check all three Viewers by going into each and typing
/restoreKeys and then enter. You should see “No keys
mapped yet”.

Go into Viewer number 2. In the menu at the top, click on
‘File/Save as…’. Save as a.key file (extension.key).

Press CTRL-F1 to bring up the command line interface. At the
command line type:
/loadP3 C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\*.key
where ‘C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop’ is the path to
your mapped file and ‘*.key’ is your name and the
extension of your key file.

This will start up your mapping. From now on, you will be
able to load key files. If you have more than one key file
open and different Viewers open, you will need to
distinguish them by name at the command line.

Note that when you load a key file, you will not be able to
map it to a Viewer. First, you need to load it from a
Viewer. To do that, open the Viewer that you wish to use
and then hit CTRL-F1 to bring up the command line. On the
command line type:
/loadP3 C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\mykeys\*.key
where ‘C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\mykeys’ is the path to
your key file and ‘*.key’ is your name and the extension of

What’s New In?

Bring your markup to the next level with Markup Assist. Find an idea, see how to create the best version of the idea using the new Markup Assist feature, then share your feedback for others to follow.

New tooling:

With AutoCAD 2.1, all of the tools that came with the release of AutoCAD were significantly enhanced and enhanced even more. The latest AutoCAD release brings the latest innovations to a wide range of 2D and 3D tools.

New workflows:

Workflows are the new way of designing and viewing CAD data. AutoCAD’s workflows give you the ability to visualize, edit, and share any part of your project, from drawing to dimensions, in a streamlined workflow. Workflows are dynamic—they keep changing as you design and add additional information to your drawing.

New ways to access data:

Automatic rendering of drawings gives you a sneak peek at what the finished model will look like. Open 2D layers from 3D views and switch back and forth as needed. Organize drawings to make it easy to find information or pick up where you left off.

New ways to work with data:

Select and customize a portion of a drawing so it stays visible and editable while you work in an alternate drawing. Use Dynamic Links to create links to related drawings, manage data, and more. Find symbols and AutoCAD objects faster, and use the new 3D Annotations tool to see your design from new perspectives.

New fonts:

The new Zia font gives you the ability to display numbers and text that is very similar to the way in which you see it in your environment.

Expanded mobile tools:

Get the latest apps and tools directly from your device and use them as easily as any PC tool.

Table of Contents

AutoCAD 2018 R2 features

The latest AutoCAD release is a powerhouse. Whether you’re a master CAD designer or a newcomer, AutoCAD 2018 is a flexible, powerful tool that lets you create beautiful 2D and 3D drawings. It’s easy to get started, and it’s flexible enough to take you anywhere. You can get more details at

Features, known issues, and other information

AutoCAD 2018 offers hundreds of new features to make your job easier and your life more fun. Take a look at these new features and how they’re used in a video

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz dual core or faster
Memory: 1 GB
Storage: 4 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7900
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
A good pair of headphones is required for some of the sounds.
Quicktime is required to listen to the video files.
Playing the game as a guest will not