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AutoCAD [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

In 2007, IDC estimated that AutoCAD Crack For Windows was installed on 2.3 million desktop computers, and 2.4 million mobile devices. The estimated worldwide revenues of CAD software applications in 2014 were about $1.56 billion, as of September 2014, according to Gartner.


With the introduction of AutoCAD Architecture in 1990, Autodesk launched the Architecture and Engineering group to develop its architecture and engineering-focused products, which included architecture packages such as AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Structural. In 2002, the company renamed the Architecture and Engineering group to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) group.

AutoCAD Architecture was first released in 1990. It uses a range of features, such as Z-levels, an integral drawing manager (IDM), architectural models, design constraints, blocks and an architectural coordinate system, which together provide a powerful, integrated suite of tools for architectural design. AutoCAD Architecture allows architects and designers to bring their ideas to life. It contains many of the features and procedures that were common to CAD software for more than 10 years. These features include design visualization and presentation tools, 2D and 3D modeling, design calculation and analysis, documentation, project management and coordination. The latest AutoCAD Architecture application includes integration with other Autodesk design and engineering applications.

AutoCAD Architecture can be used by engineers, architects and interior designers, as well as architects and designers who are trained in other disciplines, but do not specialize in CAD. Architects and designers who specialize in architecture can use AutoCAD Architecture, but its powerful features are intended for professional architects and designers. AutoCAD Architecture is used by approximately 650,000 architects and designers. In addition, AutoCAD Architecture is the main application that will be used by a growing number of bridge, highway, building, mixed-use and industrial designers.

The new Structural Drawing feature in AutoCAD Architecture is based on design concepts from Autodesk’s Structural Design products. It allows users to create architectural structural models and drawings that are based on the principles of sustainability and engineered design. For example, it allows users to take advantage of the properties of curved, exposed and reinforced concrete and stone structures.

AutoCAD Architecture is based on the following CAD technologies and features:

3D model-based geometry editing (features and procedures).

Architectural coordinate systems (ACS) that organize information and data based

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External CAD application
A number of third-party applications exist to aid with authoring and editing drawings in other CAD applications, such as Creo Parametric, SketchUp, Creo Layout Manager, FreeCAD and Blender.

Pro versions
AutoCAD is available in two editions: Professional and Architectural (formerly CAD Drafting or Premium). AutoCAD LT (AutoCAD for beginners) and AutoCAD Architecture are lighter versions of the professional version, also intended for beginners. Architectural is the basis for AutoCAD Architecture.

Since 2011, AutoCAD LT has been available as a free, non-commercial version. It has been updated, sometimes in rapid succession, to keep up with the changes in the commercial version. In 2014, the first update to the free version, AutoCAD LT 2016, was released.

To buy new copies of the software, a registration is required to register the serial number and license key on the disc itself. If the same license key is used, the user can also use a credit card for an online license key.

AutoCAD LT is bundled with AutoCAD 2007 or newer. For AutoCAD 2003, 2008 and 2011 the package is slightly larger, and includes bundled software that is not included in AutoCAD LT.


AutoCAD and its customers have received numerous awards and accolades.

AutoCAD 2007 received several Editor and Magazines Editors’ Choice Awards:
CAD Users’ Choice (2007)
CAD Source Magazine 2007 Excellence in Design Awards
In 3D Magazine 2007 Excellence in 3D Animation Award
Information Design (Australia) 2007 – Readers’ Award for Best New Product

The 2007 MacWorld Editors’ Choice Awards for CAD/Drafting software includes AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2008 also received MacWorld Editors’ Choice Awards for CAD/Drafting software.

In 2007, the U.S. Census Bureau released a study on the design of census-based geographic information systems (GIS) through a nationwide survey of design practitioners. It found that:

“The most important factors affecting the user interface in the design of GIS were ease of learning, speed of design/rendering, and the designer’s skill level.”

In 2009, Business Week named AutoCAD as one of the “Top 10 Products for the Job Seeker”.

The 2010 MacWorld Editors’ Choice Awards for CAD

AutoCAD Activation Free

Open the File->Import command and choose the autocad-2016 toolkit-mesh folder you downloaded from the internet and import it into Autocad.

Step 5
Open the file menu and import the file model into your project.
You are done, you can import it into your project.

How to edit the file model
Modify the file according to your requirement.

Click on Add Drawing Control>Drawing or press Alt+V to display the drawing control dialog.
Select ‘STYLE>Convert and place’, to convert the file into a shape.

After conversion, you will get a new drawing layer with different properties.

Step 6
Select the object you created and edit it according to your requirement.


Automatically run cordova prepare

I am learning android development. I use the following command
cordova prepare

to build the android project. I will need to build the project for different devices with different screen sizes. I am wondering is there a way to automatically run the prepare command on build for every different device?


Yes, there is. You should have following in your build.gradle (assuming Cordova version 6+)
android {

def prepareMode = “release”
if (prepareMode == “release”) {
prepare.dependsOn clean
// prepare only for release builds
signingConfig signingConfigs.release
buildTypes {
release {

} else if (prepareMode == “debug”) {
prepare.dependsOn clean
// prepare only for debug builds
signingConfig signingConfigs.debug
buildTypes {
debug {

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add complex digital ink annotations directly to your AutoCAD drawing or DWG files. You can even work in two different applications at the same time and still have the annotations synchronized. Add, edit, or delete digital ink annotations at will, allowing you to quickly and accurately enter and edit digital ink annotations in your AutoCAD drawings.

Create a 3D photo-realistic visualization of your AutoCAD drawing for faster and more intuitive model design. Your AutoCAD drawings now have 3D printing, physical part assembly, and online 3D rendering capabilities for more integrated, realistic designs.

Expose your AutoCAD drawings in new ways. Convert 2D drawings to 3D models with MeshLab. Use the Objet Capture and Cura 3D Print and Objet Replicator Plug & Play printers. Create 3D-printed models from your designs. Capture your AutoCAD drawings with the iPad.

Create 3D plans with the following features:

Objet 3DPlans for AutoCAD:

3D models, parametric surfaces, cut-planes, and surface subdivisions — all natively available in your AutoCAD drawings. (video: 1:05 min.)

Save time and streamline your work. Save time by using the native Objet 3D plans feature for easier 3D modeling. Easily create new 3D models or modify existing 3D models with the tools you know and love.

Display your drawings in new ways. Seamlessly and easily view and navigate in 3D on both 2D and 3D planes. View your drawings in 3D from virtually any angle — even upside down.

Create custom surfaces and surfaces from OBJ models. Create new surfaces, surfaces from groups, or surfaces from OBJ models by dragging the cross-section from any plan view and using it to define the shape.

Create custom planar cuts and standard cut planes. Cut your designs by using complex internal or external planes. Easily add and edit complex cutting and surface geometry. (video: 1:05 min.)

Create 3D prints with any printer and print directly from your drawings. Objet Replicator Plug & Play enables you to print directly from your AutoCAD drawings, and even to print directly from the web, allowing you to print from any system with a web browser and PDF reader.

Create 3D models with MeshLab. MeshLab lets you convert 2D graphics and drawings into 3D mesh models

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 2100
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible graphics card
Storage: 5 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: WAV, SFX
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Memory: 4 GB RAM

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