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How to get latest update from external source to my object?

I’m trying to create a Background processing option for our user’s projects where they can upload a large data file to trigger a process which creates our own records.
I have had a look at Approval Processes and this sounds like it will do the job. The problem I have is that I want to have my own record to be created when the file is uploaded in the background. I cannot find this functionality anywhere in Apex or through any other means. I would be grateful for any advice.


You can do this by using the Process Builder feature and a scheduled job.
First, create a File object record for the data to be uploaded.
Then, create a Process Builder Task for the same in your org. You can either run a script or you can have it take advantage of a scheduled job.
The Process Builder Task allows you to trigger an Apex method that you will write that can get the file and upload it into any custom object you create. The method can take arguments such as the object that the data should be uploaded into.
If you want to use a scheduled job, I’d recommend checking out this blog post on how to do this.

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