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Active x control
. Check out the following instructions to activate AutoCAD for Mac 2017 64-bit (English Language).
Open the AutoCAD for Mac Installer
Double-click on the installer file you downloaded to initiate the install.
When the installer opens, follow the prompts to begin the installation.
AutoCAD automatically opens in full-screen mode and resides on your desktop.
You will be prompted to enter your AutoCAD login credentials or select a new account.
If you do not have an AutoCAD for Mac account, you can create one.
When you are prompted for a serial number, ignore this prompt. AutoCAD For Mac 2017 will provide a later serial number if needed.
If you have not already registered your software, you will be prompted to do so now.
In this document, I have an account called “Captain Cracker.” Enter a name for your new account:
(Enter your registration key. You may use the list below if you have lost your registration key. If you lose your key, enter the requested information into the password box and click Next button) AutoCAD for Mac 2017 registration key:
You will be provided a new serial number if requested.

General instructions
Deactivate any other version of AutoCAD if you have any.
Click the Add button to add AutoCAD for Mac 2017 64-bit.

Note: If you have previously installed AutoCAD for Mac, you will be prompted to remove the previous version.

You have successfully installed AutoCAD for Mac 2017.
Download and install the AppSetup file needed for the following:
– Microsoft Word 2013 (English Language)
AutoCAD for Mac 2017 activation code
– CorelDRAW X7 (English Language)
– PDF Reader X7 (English Language)
– NetNewsWire 5.0 (English Language)
– GnuPG 4 (English Language)
– GIMP 2.6.11 (English Language)

How to configure AutoCAD for Mac 2017, or any AutoCAD version.
Open the software.
In the menu, choose:
Language & Files > Preferences.
Navigate to the Startup tab > button.

In Startup tab > Clear Startup.
Select the application you wish to open when you double click on a file.
Use the drop-down menu to specify the application.

You can change the default application


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With this item you can activate the Adobe Photos/Shop 2016 64bit .
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You must have the Adobe Photos/Shop 2016 64bit .
You must have the Adobe Photos/Shop 2016 64bit .
Popular Software
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You must install the Adobe Photos/Shop 2016 64bit .
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You must install the Adobe Photos/Shop 2016 64bit .
Activation Code
Size: 42.55 MB                                                                                                                            

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