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Despite being a highly successful product, only a small percentage of architects, engineers, and drafters currently use AutoCAD. The main reason for this, according to Autodesk, is that “it can be very difficult to learn new software for the first time.” Thus, Autodesk has released a companion app, AutoCAD 360.

Introduced in 2006, AutoCAD 360 is a web-based version of AutoCAD and has been designed to be a “total design solution,” according to the Autodesk website. So, not only can you use it to quickly and accurately draw 2D drawings (for your own house plans, floor plans, etc.), but you can also use the free version to do 3D (design) modeling. AutoCAD 360 has currently reached the level of AutoCAD LT. If you currently use AutoCAD LT or you used it in the past, the transition from the desktop app to the web app is seamless.

An example of the use of AutoCAD 360 in the 3D modeling process, (courtesy of Autodesk)

AutoCAD 360 has recently undergone a major redesign. While the product still is a web app, it has moved to the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. While Amazon’s cloud-computing model is a bit more expensive than a traditional web app, the cloud app is in a class of its own with very little maintenance or upkeep required. It is billed in units of “hours.” You are only charged for the time you use AutoCAD 360, not for the data that you use. This means that the software is always running in the background, ready to be used when you need it. This can be extremely useful in a situation where you need to make a quick, but not necessarily detailed, drawing. To learn more about using AutoCAD 360 on the cloud, see: AutoCAD 360 on the Cloud (Part 1)

Autodesk has made extensive use of web-based 3D CAD technology and its applications. These software-based applications are called 3D Web Applications (3DWAs). The company provides several 3DWAs for use with AutoCAD including 3DWon, 3D Browser, 3D Pipe, 3D Attachments, 3D Layouts, 3D Browser for Designers and more. A free trial of AutoCAD 360 is available for use by registered members.

Here are links to 3DWAs that


AutoCAD Crack Mac employs a sophisticated object-oriented software design. Objects are objects that contain data and methods that act on the data in a defined manner. Objects do not generally interact with other objects directly. For instance, a line does not directly communicate with a circle, rectangle, spline, and so on.

The basic design rule is that objects are independent of each other. This concept is known as the “decoupling of design.” This is the backbone of object-oriented programming and the reason why the software design is modular and scalable. When new objects are required, they can be added independently and without regard for how other objects are arranged. This principle contrasts sharply with the hierarchical, tree-like structure of a traditional programming language.

A dialog box
A dialog box is used to build a dialog box. It can contain only text, but can be more complex than a regular dialog box. There are different ways in which a dialog box can be build using different techniques:
As an application script or macro
As an add-in that is stored in the Autodesk Exchange Repository
As a VBA extension
As a control or ActiveX control
As a table
As a document type definition (DTD)

As a separate.ACDL file

The Autodesk Exchange repository
An Autodesk Exchange Repository can be created and a.acdl file can be placed in the repository and be activated from within Autodesk software.

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On the Load page, click the tab for your model.
Click the Browse button on the right, and locate the.mdb file.

*Thanks to for the information
*Thanks to nicho1029 for the.docx file
*Thanks to Zyxware Team for the help on adding to the Autocad.

Example.mdb file.

Appendix..docx file
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist makes it easier to assemble symbols and legends into your documents. Enable the Markup Assist Add-In feature to insert a default set of symbols and legends into your drawings.

There are new interactive features to let you create, import, edit, merge, and delete symbols. You can also create your own symbols using a simple drawing canvas. (video: 3:07 min.)

The Symbol Manager tool lets you organize and manage symbols and legends in your drawings and documents.

The new:

Symbol dialog box simplifies the process of creating and editing symbols.

Changes made to symbols are automatically applied to the corresponding design element.

You can add a text box to a symbol and add a title, dimension, and comment to the text box.

You can also add a perspective box to a symbol and add a title, dimension, and comment to the perspective box.

You can easily view and change the properties of all symbols, legends, and boxes in the Symbol Manager tool.

You can delete existing symbols and legends.

You can add symbols to the Windows, Clipboard, Environment, Active Symbol, or Inactive Symbol lists.

The Markup tab includes a new tool that automatically adds a default set of symbols and legends to your drawings.

Listed below are new features that are available for AutoCAD subscribers at no additional charge.



You can import feedback from any paper or PDF file. If you use the Markup Add-In, you can import feedback from PDFs without the hassle of opening the files.

You can easily integrate feedback from a file, such as a printed paper or PDF, into your drawings. Markup lets you automatically incorporate feedback and changes into your designs. You can import symbols, legends, and fonts from the paper or PDFs and quickly add the changes to your drawings.

The Markup feature allows you to send feedback from a paper or PDF and automatically incorporate those changes into your design.

Quickly add feedback and changes to your designs. You can import feedback from a paper or PDF into your drawing and add changes to your designs.

Import symbols, legends, and fonts from a paper or PDF file. Quickly incorporate changes from a paper or PDF into your drawings.

Integrate feedback from any printed paper or PDF file into your drawings.

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