Avast Premium Security 20.1.2397 (Build 20.1.5069) With License Key


Avast Premium Security 20.1.2397 (Build 20.1.5069) With License Key



Avast Premium Security 20.1.2397 (Build 20.1.5069) With License Key

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PHP vs C# execution speed

Today when I started learning PHP, I realized it’s much slower than C#. Do you know any reasons?
My apologies for the question, I know the speed is irrelevant but I want to know why PHP is slower than C#.


PHP is a scripting language. C# is a compiled language. You can get the most out of each by using a properly written interpreter/compiler. If you want to use the raw power of each, you’ll find that both have their advantages and disadvantages.
With that said, the main reason for their relative speed is because both utilize a virtual machine in order to execute code.


That’s because PHP is a scripting language. It allows to write functions and code (so called source code) in HTML format, which is by default interpreted by the server, and if you give them a server compiled extension like ASP.NET or ASP.NET 4, they will be compiled into platform-native code.
That’s why PHP is extremely useful for general web site development. On the other hand, the fact that PHP extensions are relatively easy to write has a disadvantage – many low-quality extensions may cause problems with server stability or even security, so using PHP with poor extensions is not advised.

// YYClassInfo.h
// YYModel
// Created by ibireme on 15/4/11.
// Copyright (c) 2015 ibireme.
// This source code is licensed under the MIT-style license found in the
// LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.



The YYClassInfo key in model subclass dictionary.
extern NSString * const YYClassInfoKey;

If the value is not nil, it means the class does not inherit from NSObject.


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