Azov Film FKK Ranch Party 269


Azov Film FKK Ranch Party 269

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Azov Film FKK Ranch Party 269

the judge also ruled in favor of azov films in the lawsuit against the producer of baikal film series, who had applied for registration of trademark for the series in the united states and canada. in april 2016, azov films launched the website with the series of baikal films that they had acquired for $150,000.

in april of 2015, police in ontario arrested brian way after a tip from the public led to the discovery of more than 100,000 child pornography videos and images in his possession. some of the videos depicted children as young as six being sexually abused and one alleged victim, apparently a boy, stated that he was abused every sunday by his parents as a child, but that he was not allowed to tell anyone because they would get in trouble. [28] police arrested way on april 20th, 2015 for possession of child pornography in toronto. the charges stem from way’s business azov films (now closed) which sold homemade films that are of the “barely legal” type that legal experts have previously characterized as “dirty” and “perverted”. while azov films was known to trade in child pornography during the 1990s, canadian authorities have no record of them doing so again until recently. way co-operated with police and told them that he was an “erotic photographer” who had taken pictures of boys on his own property. way is accused of collecting more than 100,000 images and videos of children that he had allegedly filmed and distributed on the internet. the images and videos were discovered when canadian police raided way’s house in february 2015. [5] the images and videos that way has been accused of having stored on hard drives contained videos of children engaged in sex acts, including fellatio. the internet address for azov films was registered to way’s home in etobicoke, ontario. [6] [7]

on april 23, 2015, it was reported that the investigation into azov films is now being handled by the royal canadian mounted police, since the canadian royal mounted police was also handling a wide-ranging investigation into a pedophile ring that was operating in the toronto area. [35] [8] the investigation is expected to take months to complete. [9]
on may 18, 2015, it was reported that brian way was arrested again on child pornography charges. while the police were initially searching his home and office they found some items that were allegedly produced by the azov films company. [10] the images were seized by the police and later examined by three independent forensic specialists. while the images contained some of the same types of images that he had been charged with possessing, the experts felt that there were no pornographic images as well. this is because the azov films company produced non-pornographic films with titles such as ‘fkk ranch party’ and ‘fkk ranch party 269’ (which means kiddy ranch party or kid’s ranch party). the films were not “sexually explicit in nature” according to the experts.
azovfilms is still in operation, and it appears that all the distribution rights are being handled by the russian company. it is certain that it has the rights to distribute only azov-produced films. it is not known, however, if they distribute other than azov films. we are not sure that azovfilms is still in operation.

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