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BankStep is a program emulation of hardware bank sequencers found in the big analog synthesizers, that produce control for the sound but not the sound itself. Instead of analog control voltages BankStep produces MIDI (and can make standard MIDI music files).
Otherwise, BankStep functionally emulates a big $50,000 bank of hardware sequencers and supporting modules just as it might sit on top of a big Moog analog synthesizer – or your soft synth, MIDI module or sound card.
The main module in BankStep is the Bank module, which is a 3 or 4 bank knob sequencer of any number of columns up to 48. The Bank module is a “smart” module, with the ability to set sequence start and end points, and to automatically switch direction when the end points are reversed.
There are no dangling patchchords in BankStep. Instead, module inputs (the red and blue buttons) connect to outputs by selecting them from a popup menu of all available outputs. When an input is connected to an output, the input button label indicates the connection.







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BankStep is an affordable yet powerful MIDI sequencer and sound module for all your computer-based synthesis needs. With a little work, you can turn your PC into a large an instrument that can be controlled by your MIDI-equipped synth.
BankStep is a powerful tool that helps to capture the sound of your synth. With some minor modifications, you can use BankStep to send MIDI instructions to a MIDI instrument, and let it control and hear the output from your synth.
At a minimum, you’ll need the File->Import->BankStep MIDI File menu commands.
To make things work, you’ll need a

BankStep MIDI Guitar Bank Step is a powerful tool for any Rock ‘n’ Roll musician. Record, replay or retrigger your dry or wet guitar tracks, all without leaving your DAW. No need to log guitar tracks, and no need to use plugins!
BankStep+ Guitar is a powerful package for any Rock ‘n’ Roll musician. Record, replay or retrigger your guitar tracks, all without leaving your DAW. No need to log guitar tracks, and no need to use plugins!
BankStep+ Guitar is a powerful package for any Rock ‘n’ Roll musician. Record, replay or retrigger your guitar tracks, all without leaving your DAW. No need to log guitar tracks, and no need to use plugins!

Learn how to make MIDI sounds with the ATK-MIDIInstruments collection of standard and advanced music notation notation. MIDI instruments provide an easy way to make professional audio notation files without having to learn how to write music notation out yourself.
Several styles of music notation can be used in audio notation, depending on the MIDI instrument, the organization of your MIDI instrumental parts, and the kind of music notation you would like to reproduce. You will learn the basic notation for both swing and rock music, and you can manipulate notations and use them to write out MIDI files.
Key Features:

Features a collection of 58 MIDI instruments including Digital piano, Electric piano, Drum Machine and Orchestral instruments.
Format MIDI files for standard music notation use.
Create MIDI music files from standard notations.
Organize music using Marker Staves.
Load notations from MIDI files or from score sheets.
Display MIDI notes.
Play MIDI files.
Export MIDI files as standard music notation.
Convert MIDI files into standard notation.
Import standard notation files into a new score

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BankStep features over 100 factory preset patches, and the ability to add your own presets. These presets are programmed with the BankStep Language Language (or Bankstep LSL), which is a combination of MIDI (and standard MIDI music files). The patches are all programmable, and many are completely programmable to any number of parameters. BankStep offers the ability to create your own presets, for each patch.
BankStep is a big toolbox of over 100 patches, with a combined US$2300 pre-programmed by Martin Organix.
There are also 100+ individual parameters per patch, as well as the ability to apply modulation, distortion, filter, and effects to any parameter.
100+ manufacturer presets, programmable to any number of parameters per patch
All patches are fully editable, with access to the patch parameters
BankStep can be run from a floppy disk, hard drive, or network share
BankStep is cross platform, and runs with native Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
BankStep also runs on Android smartphones, iPads, and other non-Windows platforms.
BankStep is a visual synth control through a mouse. BankStep uses MacOSX “window” style menus, and can be controlled by keyboard.
You can program the steps, sequences, and drags of the patch and the bank.
The main method to program a patch is with the mouse, by mouseclick and dragging. When mouseclick and dragging, you are programming the step, sequence, and drag points that control the steps, sequences, and drags of the patch.
You can use the menu buttons on the right side of the patch window to select or change the various steps, sequences, and drags that control the patch.
The computer keyboard operates as a control panel for bank programs, and patch programs. Keyboard input is used to control the direction of the mouseclick and drag, and the mousewheel.
BankStep supports all of the operations necessary for programming steps, sequences, and drags, such as the following keys:
A, S, D, W, X, C, R, Z, L
The keyboard can be used to trigger the main patch controller controls (BPM, fxdB, mod, freq and cutoff)
Keyboard support and Bankstep functionality can be hidden or revealed by using the “Show Keyboard” or “Hide Keyboard” buttons.
The keyboard and mouse controls can be used together or separately.

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BankStep is a software program that emulates a big $50,000 bank of hardware sequencers and supporting modules. It is not a traditional patching program. Rather, it is a set of “hooks” into the functionality of a soft synth, MIDI module, or soundcard, that controls and produces sound.
That means you can type random notes and chords, and let the soft synth, MIDI module, or sound card generate the rhythm, just as you would on a hardware synth.
In other words, you have the same hardware you already own, but you can play with it any way you like, much more flexibly, because it’s software.
BankStep is compatible with SynthMaster, Xfer, ReCycle and other similar soft synths. It may run on any Windows PC computer, but it is designed to work best with a 64bit Windows PC. It is available for purchase from the site, starting at $29, depending on which version is purchased.
If you have questions about purchasing or licensing, please email
BankStep is well supported in the forums at this site.
BankStep functions:
BankStep is a program that fully supports analogue sequence modules with multiple banks.
BankStep is mainly a sequencer, but in addition to being a sequencer, it has several other unique features.
You can easily apply the same sequence to multiple MIDI tracks.
You can program regular sequencer steps, to make your rhythm pieces.
You can easily use start and end markers to set sequence end points.
You can store sequence in the music file, to be loaded at any time later.
You can use a single music file, with many different sequences.
You can make complete solo instrument parts.
You can make complete rhythm solo instrument parts.
You can make solos which have no other instruments in them.
You can copy the sequence to another module.
You can play back the sequence with (the Melodic, Electronic, Acoustic or Hardcore “Mode”).
You can view the sequence pattern, step-by-step.
You can view the sequence pattern, step-by-step, but you cannot play the sequence.
You can play without a controller, just with your mouse.
You can use the mouse to cycle through the sequence, just like stepping through a recording on the Z-fold.
You can quickly change the order of the sequence pattern, from one

What’s New in the?

In BankStep, a 3 or 4 bank knob sequencer is an object in and of itself. It can run on its own with a midi file input, or it can be connected to other modules and make midi files for you. It can have any number of columns from 3 to 48. It has a selection of intros (1 or 2) and tempo enhancers (1 or 2). It can also set the aftertouch on strings and keys. (Tick timing) It can operate as a 1 shot sequencer, or with a looped “hold” and “play” features. And it has a set of actions (a series of changes made to specific module settings) for general chord play, chord inversions and playing notes on specific notes in chords.
Module 1:
This module is a 3 bank, 3 column of various percussive instruments. There are 16 notes in each instrument with a modulation matrix for volume, pitch and aftertouch.
Instrument 1: Sample Player
The sample player is a sample based instrument – or simply a sample. It can play any sample file you provide. Notable features include having the ability to stretch or beat match its sample. For example, it can stretch the sample to show a wider range of note durations at the same pitch. If you provide a MIDI file instead of a sample file, each note will be interpreted as a MIDI note number and it will play them as MIDI notes.
Here is a list of all the pitch ranges that are available:
Note Range & Pitch
0 & 16 (A0-A8)
1 & 1 (C0-C1)
2 & 2 (D0-D2)
3 & 3 (E0-E3)
4 & 4 (F0-F4)
5 & 5 (G0-G5)
6 & 6 (A3-B0)
7 & 7 (C3-C6)
8 & 8 (D3-D6)
9 & 9 (E3-E6)
10 & 10 (F3-F6)
11 & 11 (G3-G6)
12 & 12 (A6-B3)
13 & 13 (C6-C9)
14 & 14 (D6-D9)
15 & 15 (E6-E9)
16 & 16 (F6-F8)
Instrument 2: Drum Array

System Requirements For BankStep:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Storage: 10 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Storage: 20 GB available space
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