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Blasphemous Free Download PC Game

Blasphemous is a cult hit game. Such a fact was proved by its very success, and people began to look for Blasphemous PC Game and free download this game on Google and other search engines. Blasphemous is a game developed by The Focusrite Team, and its story takes place in a fictionalised, alternative universe of our world.
Blasphemous PC Ebook Game Free Download
After starting the game, the main protagonist, Roger, gives his first name, and he is later given a surname. Roger is a son of a preacher, and a grandson of two very powerful saints. Later on, he becomes a priest, and learns the proper rites to use to be called God. Later in the story, he finds out that he is really a black…By Agence France-Presse

China’s top diplomat said Tuesday a strong response was needed to US President Donald Trump’s characterization of Beijing as a “great power”, after he took the unusual step of criticizing the Asian giant online.

“China and the United States are strategic partners, and the two countries have made great efforts and a solid foundation of trust for relations and cooperation to be built,” said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the opening of the annual China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have found common ground, and signed a deal in October that froze existing tariffs — at least for 90 days — to give the two sides more time to try to resolve their differences.

But China is also North Korea’s major trade partner and it is widely assumed that Beijing has a lot of influence over the rogue state.

So what are the chances of US-China relations “collapsing” if the two countries fail to agree a trade deal by the March 1 deadline Trump set for the agreement’s end?

“It is still too early to make a judgment,” said Wang.

“We have made great progress in bilateral relations and will continue to work together to achieve common development and a win-win situation,” he added.

The president’s characterization of China as a “great power” drew a rare rebuke from Xi’s vice premier, the top official in charge of foreign policy.

“The remarks make no contribution at all to improvement of bilateral ties.

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How to sort Django queryset by n entries in reverse order

I have a django model I’m trying to sort, with a Location field that I would like to order by.
I know, I could use django-order-by to do this, and that works great. I also know I can find a maximum number of results. But, can I do something like this:
select * from table
where id in (1, 3, 10, 25, 50, 100)
order by 11 DESC

Or, if possible, can I have it count down instead of up?


Ok, I found my solution. If anyone ever wants to do this, here it is:
from django.db.models import count

query = Table.objects.all()
query = query.order_by(F(‘num_entries_in_reverse_order’),
num_entries_in_reverse_order = int(sum(1 for x in range(10))) #count down
# ^This can be replaced with whatever you need to do to count down

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