BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG V0.78 Vip Hack



BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG V0.78 Vip Hack

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BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG V0.78 Vip Hack
BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG V0.78 Vip Hack
BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG V0.78 Vip Hack
BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG v0.78 vip hackQ:

Setting Google spreadsheet cell values programmatically via Google API doesn’t work if a blank value is assigned in the database

I have a Google Spreadsheet that I would like to set/create cells in programmatically. I have a working setup if I use dummy values that are passed to the script.
For example, consider the following setup:
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TestTable]
[Id] [int] NULL,
[ColumnName] [nvarchar] (100) NULL,
[CellValue] [nvarchar] (100) NULL

INSERT INTO [dbo].[TestTable] (Id, ColumnName, CellValue)
VALUES (1, N’Test1′, N’Value1′),
(2, N’Test2′, N’Value2′),
(3, N’Test3′, N”)

To fetch this data, I use the following simple Python script:
url = ”

service = build(‘sheets’, ‘v4′, http=http)

prop = service.spreadsheets().values().get(spreadsheetId=’0B5Y4rzm6F0Fap0QtVEhGMkNtcUc’, range=rangeName).execute()

worksheet = prop.getWorksheet(0)

#Write a cell using the ‘0B5Y4rzm6F0Fap0QtVEhGMkNtcUc’ column 2 of the selected cell
worksheet.appendRow([[2, ‘Column2’, ”]])

I receive this output:
{ “values”: [ {

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