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The data you’re seeing comes from a binary executable. What you’re seeing is the characters used to label the sections of a PE file. There are several places where these characters are used and it depends which one you open.
The biggie is obviously the File Description table.

For the Microsoft documentation, see this Wikipedia article

One other way to get at these characters is to use Microsoft’s Debugging Tools for Windows which allows you to open the PE file in a debugger (Visual Studio, Visual Assist, AVRD, WinDbg etc) and examine the structure of the PE file.

With a good debugger, you can actually search inside the object code and find the data you’re interested in. Not recommended for production code, but very effective for stuff you’re working on with limited tools (debugger/IDE etc).

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a signal generator for generating a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) signal.
2. Description of the Background Art
FIG. 10 shows a conventional signal generator 100 for generating a PWM signal. In FIG. 10, signal generator 100 includes an RS flip-flop 102 receiving a variable frequency signal input VF on its D input and an edge signal on its Q input. Upon receipt of this input, RS flip-flop 102 outputs a clock signal CLK. RS flip-flop 102 is reset by a reset signal RESET.
A controller 101 receives the output of RS flip-flop 102 and outputs a PWM signal in accordance with the output of RS flip-flop 102. In the controller 101, an AND circuit AND1 receives clock signal CLK from RS flip-flop 102 and the output of AND circuit AND1 is provided to a set/reset flip-flop 103. Set/reset flip-flop 103 receives an output of RS flip-flop 102 on its D input and a reset signal RESET on its Q input. Set/reset flip-flop 103 outputs a set/reset signal SR on its Q output. AND circuit AND2 receives set/reset signal SR from set/reset flip-flop 103 and the output of AND circuit AND2 is provided to a clock/reset flip-flop 104. Clock/reset flip-flop 104 receives the output of RS flip-flop 102 on its D input and an edge signal on its Q input. Clock/reset flip-flop


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