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Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) is a clonal proliferative disorder of the bone marrow in which megakaryocytes, granulocytic elements, and their precursors are replaced by fibrous tissue. PMF is characterized by an increased number of megakaryocytes and progenitors, high production of megakaryocytic inhibitors, abnormalities of megakaryocyte maturation, and the presence of neoplastic megakaryocyte-like cells derived from a pluripotent stem cell. The disease is clonal because of increased mitotic activity in the megakaryocytic precursor cell population; no other clonal abnormalities have been observed. Although an association with either polycythemia vera or essential thrombocytosis has been suggested, the molecular pathogenesis of PMF is not yet known.Direct observation of oxygen doping induced N doping in SnO2.
High resolution electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy reveal a novel O-Sn-O bond configuration in the bulk of SnO2 samples that have been exposed to ambient conditions for long periods of time. The O atoms that are bonded to a Sn atom are coordinated with the Sn atom in an unoccupied site at the topmost surface. This O-Sn-O bond configuration leads to a net positive charge at the surface and this positive charge may serve as an efficient mechanism for the subsequent doping of N into SnO2 at this surface.Q:

storing visitor to my website IP address or User_agent – possible theft of data

I have a website (can be accessed from different IP addresses). All users share the same database.
I would like to store some info about the user. Should I do it by storing in the database the IP address that is visiting the website?
Or, is it easier if I record the user agent of the user? (from all users visiting).


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