Calculadorapangyaem14 ~REPACK~


Calculadorapangyaem14 ~REPACK~



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At this time I still think it is bug as I dont see any related problems on web. but I dont know which function of Lyx is causing this bug and I can not find any information on this matter.
It appears that if you pass an empty line to a block style, it will be deleted without notice and consequently the page will be broken. The problem arises in Lyx 2.1.7 and 2.2.
I have added a small screenshot of the relevant area in Lyx where I have found the issue.

Addendum 2:
Unfortunately I need Lyx 2.2.4 as our version of Lyx is currently 2.2.0. So we do not have the option to update to 2.2.4 or later from 2.1.7.
I have downloaded the.deb file and installed it using a terminal using sudo dpkg -i package.deb but it is just not working for us now 🙁


Updating to 2.2.4 solved the problem. There were no known bugs, and as of the time of this question writing there were only two known bugs, but they were fixed in 2.2.4.
After updating I tried to reload the document, and I got the same problem:

Moreover, the new layout simply does not work. For example, following the behaviour described at the beginning of this question, if you insert a new page, the inserted page is not added to the list of pages, but the inserted page in also added to the header, and to the footer.
So the result is a page which has multiple parts. Each time I try to add a page, it adds its own header and footer, and the page is spread across multiple pages.
I have no idea how to fix this or to see the source of this behaviour.
I have given up trying to fix this, as the updated Lyx cannot seem to be compiled without adding a lot of features that I do not need at this time.

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