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Caretaker PC Game Free Download

The Caretaker is a new original psychological horror game. Free download free PC game from Mega. The first person horror game is a realistic psychological horror, where you play as a nurse who is watching the aftermath of a horrible accident. In that case, you need to use your skills and help the child to regain her senses. From the trailer it seems that the game will feature an atmosphere inspired by 80’s classic flicks such as The Shining.

The Caretaker is a PC game with storytelling that is a mixture of psychological horror, survival and puzzle. The initial story has you as a new nurse in the hospital and it starts with the accident that the player is supposed to investigate. However, once you are involved in a real-life horror story, you need to carefully decide what to do and how to resolve all the situations in the game.


The Caretaker is a short game that is about five hours long. The game’s story starts with an accident that involves a baby.

Naturally, you will need to care for the baby first, so you will need to clean the baby’s wounds, wash the baby and even change the baby’s diaper. However, after all that work, your patient will start to freak out and the baby won’t stop screaming.

Because of this, you will need to get some help. That is why the focus of the game is to complete the tasks that you need to do first, such as comfort the baby, resolve the baby’s condition and finally save the baby.

During your journey, you will encounter some characters that will try to help you. These characters include psychiatrists that will offer help, nurses and doctors that will need your help and the police that will try to arrest you because of the events that have occurred.

As soon as you progress through the game, the environment will start to change and the areas will turn more creepy. Also, objects will start to appear that might offer a hint to what you are looking for.

From the very beginning, you will find yourself in an old house that you need to navigate. There are various rooms that you need to unlock. From the very beginning, you will know that there is a baby under that roof.

The environment of the game is extremely realistic. The surrounding and objects will move, there are noises around, other people might be around or someone might be trying to harm you.

Another factor that will cause you to feel uneasy is that there are some cameras.

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A long time ago, in a community caretaker, a small government hospital sat in the forest. The government, since They couldn’t care less about the hospital.

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