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Created by the Computer Security Incident Response Team in the Spanish Government National Cryptologic Center, the CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool aims to prevent the spread of the WannaCry 2.0 ransomware by generating a mutual exclusion algorithm on the host machine.
In other words, by creating a mutex, the ransomware should be tricked into thinking that it is already running on the host machine, so it will not execute the malicious code once more.
Therefore, the CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool is exactly like a vaccine in real life, running a piece of code to prevent the payload to run on a computer, which isolates "patient zero," your computer. On the other hand, the Microsoft patch released after WannaCry’s outbreak is designed to inhibit the worm-like behavior of the malware.
To be noted that this application is not intended to clean infected computers. In fact, its effect only lasts until the next restart. Therefore, it must be launched at startup each time the PC boots to Windows.
This small patch only fixes the vulnerability that the ransomware uses to spread across the local network. To be more clear, it will not protect you if you access an infected email attachment. Although it is interesting to analyze it and perhaps test it at the moment, it does not replace the permanent antivirus solution and the responsible cyber-security conduct.

CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool Crack Activation Free Download For Windows


Well I came here to post this, but then I thought that I would review how it actually works.
In my opinion the function of this piece of code is very easy, but you can not use it without having prior knowledge in the C programming language. This may lead to the suggestion of posting the results in one of the popular C programming forums.
To be more specific:

Download the file from their website:

Follow the Read Me instructions as they are posted in the download file and follow the two provided videos.


1. Install a C compiler
2. A Unix-like system such as Linux or Mac OS X
3. An internet connection
4. A USB flash drive formatted to FAT16
5. A copy of the tool itself (in order to run it)

NOTE: It is important to have a valid license in order to access this public domain software.

The sample file will be placed in the folder:


where the three files required are:

1. A.ps1 file
2. NOCRYT.dll
3. NOMORECRY.desktop

This file contains the internal instructions of the tool, so if you want to experiment with the tool, the file must be named correctly in order for it to work properly.

A video guide to this tool is available at:

A binary executable file (executable binary file) is the way the tool is distributed and you must use it because it is the only valid way to use the tool and compile the sample file.

The file size is only 744 bytes and it can be used on any Windows computer that is running Windows 7 and higher.


It is the main file of the tool.


CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool Crack+ Activation Code For Windows

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CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool Crack Incl Product Key [Updated-2022]

In this document, we’ll describe briefly how the WannaCry 2.0 is affected by the vulnerability (CVE-2017-0143), and how to install a mutex to block the execution of the worm.
How WannaCry 2.0 Affected by the Vulnerability
Microsoft has released a security patch, which is a combination of a hotfix and security bulletin, available to address the security vulnerability in Remote API. This security fix is recommended for all supported versions of Windows, although it could only be applied to machines that were properly patched and updated with the latest updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog and Windows Server Update Services.
On April 12th, a massive ransomware attack named WannaCry or Wana Decryptor was launched against over 200,000 computers around the world, affecting more than 200 countries.
Researchers at the security firm Kaspersky Lab said that the ransomware, developed by the UK-based National Health Service (NHS), was able to use the Remote API vulnerability in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook to spread rapidly, exploiting the EternalBlue exploit that has been used in the infamous SMB worm EternalBlue.
The researcher who discovered the EternalBlue exploit, “Nicolas Brune” from the MWR Labs, described it as a “hidden gem” in an interview with the French IT magazine WIRED.
“EternalBlue exploits a vulnerability in the Windows SMB (Server Message Block) network protocol that is used by multiple other exploits. SMB, or Server Message Block, is the protocol used to connect Windows PCs to other Windows PCs and to Windows file shares on Windows networks,”
“It works like this. The attacker’s system – where he’s exploiting Windows – communicates with a remote Windows system, which in turn opens a port that allows the attacker’s system to connect to other systems – namely, victim systems – on a network,” Brune continued. “Once the victim machine is infected, the attacker’s system can spread to other machines via a vulnerability in the SMB protocol, just like this. After it’s done that, the attacker system (the weapon) can be sent to any other machine on the network and that machine will become infected, too. On SMB, we only have to worry about machines using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.”
According to Kaspersky Lab, the WannaCry ransomware has a list of highly effective decryption keys in the C&C servers. There are no published source codes on

What’s New in the CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool?

by the Computer Security Incident Response Team in the Spanish Government National Cryptologic Center (Spanish: Centro Nacional de Inteligencia de las Comunicaciones (CCNIC))

In the press release of May 15, 2017, the researchers of the CCNIC identified an infection that affects Windows machines and the macOS operating system. In addition, it affects other platforms like Linux and iOS. In other words, the ransomware is a ‘universal’ malware that affects all the platforms listed.
According to the press release of the CCNIC, this attack is not a recent outbreak, but a combination of two old techniques of the WannaCry ransomware that was published on the Internet on March 15, 2017. This technique can be detected in the malicious software as the payload called ETERNALBLUE, which is executed after the infection takes place, and it is not present in the previous version of WannaCry. In addition, a second new technique is used, which aims to spread across the local network. This technique has been detected before the beginning of May 2017, and was known as ‘Dirty Cow’. The researchers of CCNIC have been able to see that the malware is being spread through an SMB/CIFS exploit.

CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool Detection:

Its easy to detect the CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool as it does not require any code injection and it does not affect the functionality of the software or hardware. However, it must be always executed to prevent the ransomware infection.

CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool Tested on:

Windows 10

macOS 10.11

Linux mint 17.2

iOS 8


By the CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool, it has been possible to recover some computers infected with the ransomware as well as being able to protect new ones. If this application is executed, the ransomware will not be able to do any harm to the system.

CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool also has the ability to determine whether the computer is infected by the WannaCry Ransomware. This application does not modify the application, which means that the user’s system would work normally. In addition, this application is also able to test new computers to see whether they are infected or not. However, in order to test them, you need to execute the application in the background in order to stop the ransomware from destroying files and data.

The latest version of WannaCry 2.0 is designed to not allow researchers to identify how it spreads. In other words, it is not possible to detect if a computer is infected or not. This is because the malware targets and executes a set of files, and the payload ETERNALBLUE is located in a different file.
The following table shows the major steps of this new infection

System Requirements For CCN-CERT NoMoreCry Tool:

Please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements before downloading or installing anything.
1. DirectX 11 or newer
2. Windows XP SP2 or newer
3. 2.0 GHz or faster dual-core processor
4. 2 GB or more RAM
5. 2880 x 1700 display resolution
6. 16 GB or more available space for the installation
7. 1280 x 1024 screen resolution
8. Intel HD Graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce series graphics card
9. Windows Vista SP2 or newer
10. DirectX

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