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tinder was so last year. tinder doesn’t include any sort of dating function; it’s more about meeting new potential partners through a free this year, however, tinder lost its dominance in the hookup app market. the fact that it’s primarily geared to meet new potential partners instead of having a certain serious relationship makes tinder a good app for casual relationships. also, there’s no way to tell where your matches are really from. another bad thing about the app is that it only shows you potential matches based on your location. that means if you’re not around someone, you might have to wait until that person is online. like it says on the app, “we only get out what we put in.”

what worked for me is that, like pure grindr and some others, i figured out how to match people with similar interests. this is really important because you can be left feeling like you’re just a bit player, watching it all go down. hinge is the best dating app when it comes to finding a potential spouse based on common interests, lifestyle, and religion. however, it can be kind of limited when it comes to culture and location. at this point, you don’t even need a profile, you just need an email and select a race, location, and gender.

the safety of online dating is a top priority to me, so it’s cool to see some take security seriously as well. as a result, i rely on security features of my hookup apps. whether it’s two-factor authentication or the ability to report inappropriate messages, security features are becoming increasingly popular in the smartphone realm.