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Time management is crucial when dealing with work tasks or projects, especially when there are several participants or even teams involved. Maintaining a good time tracking is critical for improving work efficiency and results. Clockify will empower users with the ability to save their tasks and projects and easily and record the amount of time spent on each one. Furthermore, the automatically generated reports it creates will offer useful insight into productivity and other indices.
Desktop app combined with a web-interface dashboard
One of the very first steps that users need to undergo when deploying the app is to register an account on the Clockify website. Logging into a dedicated web-panel, they will find a tabbed interface that offers the ability to add, view and edit multiple tasks simultaneously.
The panel also derives reports based on the data entered by the users and options for exporting or saving the reports are also present, with support for the most common formats such as PDF, XLSX or CSV, for further processing.
View timesheets and analyze tasks or projects on multiple devices with ease
With the app installed on one’s PC, keeping track of the activity on other devices such as smartphones makes things far easier when traveling or switching locations for work. The application allows users to start projects or activities at any time, the activity is synced in real time, provided that an Internet connection is available
Support for tags also makes things easier, offering the possibility to quickly set-up and define new tasks or projects and assign different characteristics to them.
Effective software solution for synchronizing timesheets on multiple devices
Time-tracking in an accessible and deploy-able form could be of interest for numerous users who are involved in multiple projects or tasks, regardless if these are work-related or not. Clockify will provide an environment specially designed for creating tasks and keeping track of the elapsed time for each one, making sure that additional data is also accounted for.


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Clockify is a web-based time tracking software application, that allows users to record all the time spent on each task or project they perform. It is designed to help automate tasks that need to be performed repetitively over and over, and to help users gain insights on how to improve overall productivity. Users can record the time spent on each task or project, and also a total number of hours spent on a task will be calculated, making it easy for users to monitor progress towards a set goal. Clockify also allows you to quickly start a task, and maintain and close it.
The mobile app is designed to support both Windows and Mac computers. The application allows users to start projects or activities at any time, and the recorded time is synced in real time.
A time report can be generated from the data stored in the database, and the reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including PDF, XLSX and CSV.
The app is fully configurable, allowing users to set their own preferences or override any of the predefined settings.
Other features include a separate panel for the tasks and projects that are managed on the Clockify website, as well as custom tabs that users can add to help organize their tasks or projects. Clockify also comes with a variety of configuration options, to help users design a comfortable working environment.

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This is definitely one of those apps that you buy on a test drive basis. The software works quite well but has a number of weaknesses that keep it from reaching its full potential.

The interface isn’t intuitive which makes one question the app’s ability to streamline the scheduling process.

The app wouldn’t work on my desktop as it didn’t recognize any of the devices on which I have set it up, I was forced to send my device over to the manufacturer to verify it and then reset it.

The clocks went out of sync after the app was set to work in conjunction with Google Tasks, I had to restore the settings to be able to get the work done that I had scheduled.

The software requires that a staff work for hours before it can be set to work.

It’s likely that this company has alot of potential in the market that they simply haven’t tapped into. I can’t help but feel that they would easily command the top spot for the “next great time-tracking” app.

Time is money, without it, we can’t take shortcuts.

Time is a finite resource, we only have so much to do and so much of it.

In fact, even more resources are lost when we don’t have the time to do the work properly.

No matter how small or large the project is, we need to plan. We should always plan to have enough time to complete a task in an efficient manner.

The concept of time management has changed. It is now all about work efficiency and productivity.

And that’s why we have time tracking solutions.

In this post, I will list out the “Top 10” ways in which you can monitor work efficiency and efficiently use your time with these time tracking solutions.

1. Set the Deadline

Before you go ahead and start working, you need to set a deadline for yourself.

By knowing what you have to achieve or complete in a given period of time, it makes the task easy to estimate the time it will take to complete the job.

Make sure the deadline is realistic. Adjust it if you can reduce the time required.

2. Write Down the Goals

No matter how short or long you think the deadline is, write it down in a place where you can easily see it.

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Here you have a glimpse of the things that can be accomplished. As the name says, it’s a time tracker. It also features a functionality that will allow you to synchronize your time entries across several devices.
How can Clockify benefit me?
First of all, it’s a multi-functional solution. It provides a regular time-tracking functionality and it also enables you to keep a record of your activities on all of your devices simultaneously.
It’s a web-based solution, therefore it can be connected with a company’s software or website. For instance, you can connect it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account if you have such a service.
In addition, it has a scheduler that will allow you to start new projects or activities any time you want to.
What else can I expect to receive as a Clockify user?
A powerful editor and a function that will enable you to sync and keep your time entries among multiple devices. In this way, you’ll be able to keep an overview of your tasks and activities at any time.
The time-tracking functionality that can be accessed in the application is also equipped with a scheduler to enable you to start new projects or tasks any time you want.
When can I use Clockify?
It’s a web-based time tracker that offers you the ability to synchronize your data on the cloud. This way, you’ll have access to it anywhere you’re online. There’s no need for additional installations.
How can I use Clockify?
As we’ve said, it’s a web-based solution. Therefore, you can access its time-tracking functionality and manage your data from anywhere. In order to do so, all you have to do is to connect your Clockify account with your company’s or personal software. After it’s done, all of the tasks and activities created by you and the other people from your company will be shared automatically.


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What’s New in the Clockify?

Log in and start creating tasks and time recording straight away, to track the time spent on the tasks or projects.
Free to use for a one-off or for teams and businesses with more than 20 active users.
More features, more paid options. Start by evaluating the Free plan, then move to the Plus plan
easy time tracking with customizable dashboard for teams with more than 20 active users
Post timesheets to support requests and get badges on your profile
View timesheets and analyze tasks or projects on multiple devices with ease
View and edit your dashboard on any device with an Internet connection. Access your timesheets and projects from any device at any time

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