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and a lot of other weird outputs from that operation. The directory with all the things I thought I needed was indeed there but when I moved the whole directory to the Desktop and tried running again using only “config.qsc.igi2” I got the same error messages.


I don’t know why, but when I tried using the.ini files from other games in the same folder, that is, I changed the file name from config.qsc.igi2 to config.qsc.deus2 and it worked! Using that same folder later to copy other IGI games (I’ve already done so with other recent qsc games) it worked perfectly. I believe that there was some sort of incompatibility with the files in the same folder with different games but I can’t say for sure.


Is there a Perl module that provides transliteration capabilities for many languages?

I want to convert multiple languages to english, so I have to transliterate them from russian to english, from english to russian, and many other possibilities.
Is there any module that provides this feature?


For transliteration from Russian to other languages (e.g. Polish), you can use the unofficial ru-pl module (that should be soon to be released under the CPAN); for transliteration from Polish to Russian, you may use the ru-pol module that is distributed by the Polish Team at CPAN (I don’t know if it is already available). Both modules are ready to use, though not necessarily well-tested.

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