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Calculate the power resistor for a high current circuit

I found a circuit on the internet that was intended to power a ribbon cable. It used a 12V supply and a 100 ohm resistor (presumably connected to a 2 core or 3 core cable) to power the ribbon cable.
Is it wrong to use a 100 ohm resistor to power such a high current circuit? And if not, what should I be using?


There’s absolutely no problem with using a 100\$\Omega\$ resistor to power something that’s drawing 400 mA in a distribution circuit. The resistor is the only thing that limits the current, and as a rule of thumb, for a small (100 mA or less) current, a 10\$\Omega\$ resistor will work just fine. And if your 400 mA load becomes 2 A or 5 A, there’s no point in using a 10\$\Omega\$ resistor.


For a 400mA load in a distribution circuit, assuming that there’s some resistance from the supply rail down to the load, with a “weak-arm” diode connected to forward bias, this is the limiting factor to current.
This is the power in an resistor. So depending on what voltage is available to the wire, and whether the resistor is in series with the wire or has its own voltage drop for a “weak-arm” diode, it will dictate the current.
Although, the internal resistance of the ribbon wire is mostly “shorted” to the ground wire of the ribbon wire.
So really the cable’s resistance is irrelevant.


Wertheimer, J. (2005), _

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