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December 2, 2021 – For servers with trial licenses, we collect behavioral data in the .-o last -L && sh last. com in accordance with RFC 791 <>.
If you have a trial version, you can register it with the . -o last -L & sh and go to Profile – License Management
December 2, 2021 – For servers with trial licenses, we collect behavioral data in the . -o last -L & sh in accordance with RFC 791 <>.

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It is free to use our services, but you may need a licence key to access your Subscription Center. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our site.
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Spring MVC with Thymeleaf: How to add a different layout for each view?

I would like to be able to add different layouts for each of my views.
For example, I would like the page to fallback to a ‘404’ layout if it doesn’t find a view with a specific name.
Right now I’m using Thymeleaf as the default view engine for my Spring MVC application.


You can use Spring’s LocaleChangeInterceptor.
For example: