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I’m looking for regex which matches these lines but not those two lines.
This is my first post on stackoverflow, so please correct me if I make some mistake anywhere.
If there are some huge topics not to be answered here, please let me know.


Here’s my version:
(?Mickey. Go, Free Nelson Mandela.

Updated Sept. 11, 2009 11:32 p.m. ET

As actor Sean Penn was slamming the door on the liberal movie critics — he calls them a “political lynch mob” — telling them to “kiss my… ass,” I thought of the time two years ago when Penn, the much-derided Elizabeth Taylor and Paris, were doing their brave little thing in backing the struggle of South Africa’s Black Nationalists in their civil rights protest. Penn later apologized to me, and apologized again with great heart, to Taylor and Paris.

The protest was widely condemned as a disgrace and a disastrous effort by people who loved Mandela because he “admitted” some minor sins. The only one of the trio who was a big heartless racist was (of course) Taylor, and that was not one of Penn’s better looks, either.

In South Africa today, former Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in jail for fighting against racial apartheid, is in a prison for his life. And Penn is now waiting for his call from South Africa to come and join him on the street.

On Sept. 10, the 82-year-old Mandela, a heroic freedom fighter who devoted himself to uniting his country rather than dividing it, was transferred

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