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Reactjs Jest Unit test – Test failing with undefined is not a function

I have a React Component Form.
I am trying to test it via Jest.
My test is looking like this
const props = {
submit: jest.fn(),
submitButton: ‘Submit’,
describe(”, () => {
it(‘should be able to submit a form’, () => {
const element = shallow();

const formInputValue = element.find(‘input[name=first_name]’).props().value;

const formName = element.find(‘input[name=name]’).props().value;

first_name: formInputValue,
name: formName

But I am getting
TypeError: undefined is not a function

Even though in console I am getting the props values as expected.
When I do a console.log on the component, I am getting the props value.
Which looks like
const Form = (props) => {
const { first_name, name, submitButton } = props;
const [onSubmit, setOnSubmit] = useState(null);
return (

Name: {name}
First name: {first_name}

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