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The 6th Arizona State Legislature, consisting of the Arizona State Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, was constituted in Phoenix from January 1, 1917 to December 31, 1918, during the first years of George W. P. Hunt’s administration of Arizona Territory. During this session, Hunt reorganized the territorial government under a unicameral state government, with seven senators and three representatives from each of the new districts, resulting in a new apportionment of population within the territories. The Democrats and Populists carried every seat in the legislature during this session, while Republicans lost only the governor’s seat to Hunt and one district, making no net gains.

The Legislature first met at the Territorial Capital in Phoenix on January 1, 1917, and adjourned on December 31, 1918. There were five sessions, the first through fourth were held at the Territorial Capital, and the fifth was held at the State Capitol in Phoenix. The legislature was controlled by the Democrats and Populists during this period.

The number of senators increased from five to seven, and the number of members per district from three to four; some municipalities incorporated into the recently redrawn Sixth Arizona Territory also returned one seat.

In the first legislative session, four of the seven senators belonged to the Democratic party. The sixth senator was by appointment from the House of Representatives.

The second session, which began on January 10, 1917, was dominated by the Republican Party. Three of the senators belonged to that party, while the fourth, Asbury Francis Levering, was appointed by Governor Hunt to fill the vacancy caused by Hunt’s resignation after the first session. The second session was still dominated by the Republicans when it adjourned on January 22, 1917.

In the third session, the Democrats and Populists regained control of the senate when the fourth seat was won by a Populist. The fourth session was dominated by the Democrats after the sixth seat was won by a Democrat.

In the fifth session, which began on February 26, 1917, the Democrats maintained control of both houses of the legislature.



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