Download Elsword Offline English [CRACKED]


Download Elsword Offline English [CRACKED]

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Download Elsword Offline English

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Elsword – Evolution Offline English Android Gameplay No.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {


float mts_cblas_scalarm(int, float, const mts_cmplx *);

#if defined(__x86_64__)
#define mts_internal_cblas_sancal(a, s, c, x, ctx) \
mts_internal_cblas_dcopy( (c), (x), (ctx) )
#define mts_internal_cblas_sancal(a, s, c, x, ctx) \
mts_internal_cblas_dcopy( (c), (x), (ctx) )

void mts_internal_cblas_sasmn(int, mts_mpi_f, const int, int *, int *,
mts_cmplx *, mts_mpi_f *, mts_cmplx *);
void mts_internal_cblas_sasp2m(int, mts_mpi_f, const int *, mts_mpi_f *,
mts_cmplx *, mts_cmplx *);
void mts_internal_cblas_saspm(int, mts_mpi_f, const int *, int *, int *,

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