Download !EXCLUSIVE! Lagu Midi Terbaru Gratisl


Download !EXCLUSIVE! Lagu Midi Terbaru Gratisl

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Download Lagu Midi Terbaru Gratisl

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. bracelet peace sign · What does it mean broken heart · Girl gets shirt ripped off · How do i know if the shy guy loves me · Midieval crossbow kit .A US laboratory says it’s made a breakthrough in the hunt for the Martian bacteria that supposedly causes the planet’s devastating dust storms.

In a study published today in Nature, the U.S. Geological Survey claims to have detected chlorine-containing compounds in the red planet’s dust.

It suggests that the same bacteria that causes red winds on Earth, possibly in a form altered by solar radiation, may also be the cause of Martian dust storms.

The discovery brings new insight into the “strange and mysterious” Martian weather phenomena, scientists said.

The findings are part of a four-year NASA-funded mission to find evidence of life on Mars.

The USGS experts found evidence of “surface-mobile organic compounds”, which act like chaperones of biomolecules, in particular, nitrogen-containing compounds known as “PNUs”.

“The discovery of these organic compounds is important, because a similar set of chemical compounds, previously found in meteorites that have made a fiery plunge to Earth, formed in the chemical soup of interstellar space and appear to be the ‘building blocks’ of living matter,” lead researcher Geoffrey Schlüchter said.

“PNUs are highly oxidized,” Schlüchter said.

“They are destroyed in the oxidation process. It turns out that they are also very long-lived. They are not destroyed very quickly in the Martian atmosphere.”

According to the USGS statement, the researchers detected the PNUs before, during and after the 2010 dust storm season on the planet’s surface.

The findings build on previous work that discovered similar organic compounds in meteor

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