eHarmony Review: Does It Work?


You don’t have to be a robot or follow a strict dating script to get your foot in the door, but if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, get out of your shell, and stand out in a sea of imperfect human beings, you need to know how to do it. Whether you’re a man or a woman, here are 10 tips for navigating the dating landscape with grace and confidence.

1. Have an open mind, but not an extreme one.

Being open-minded isn’t the same as being foolish, nor is it being childish. Being open-minded means that you understand other people, that you can accept different opinions, and that you aren’t defensive about believing your own. Unfortunately, the world is one big battlefield of debate, and it can be difficult to get opinions across that aren’t rooted in some kind of inner conflict. What you need to avoid, though, is being so open-minded that you’re kind of rubes and just accept any crazy thing anybody says. That sort of extreme openness can be a hindrance for dating. The good news is, if you’re careful, it’s not that hard to be open-minded. The trick is to listen.

2. It’s more important to be kind and open than to show off your wisdom or your expertise.

Dating is, in many ways, just like being in a job interview. Like a job interview, being in a relationship requires that you put yourself out there. If you don’t know a lot about anything, you have to be willing to learn as you go. If you’re just going to wait until you fall in love and get together, you might be waiting forever. It’s good to be ready with some dating material and a set of skills, but what you really need to show is that you’re fun to talk to, that you’re willing to learn new things, and that you have a wacky sense of humor. Even if you are all of those things, don’t obsess over them. Being kind and fun is most important in dating.

3. Think carefully before opening your mouth.

The most annoying thing on the planet is a loud, ignorant, and insensitive fool. Even if the best intentions are in your heart, talking about any kind of politics is terrible because you can never predict what your words will turn into. Anything that you think will come out will come out, and nothing’s more awkward than somebody trying to be snide
1. Pick Your Hookup App

Some people prefer to swipe. Some prefer to chat, and some prefer to meet-and-greets. (Of course, everyone should use a condom!) For me, in a bar or club, I swipe, but when I’m at home or at a bar for a couple drinks, I’m more inclined to chat. Use an app that suits your tastes, and you’ll be more likely to meet someone.

Apps like OkCupid (FREE) are great places to begin your hunt for love. You can search for potential matches, read through their profile, and even send them a little message.

2. Delete Your Pics from Instagram

For the most part, I believe people should learn to be comfortable in their own bodies. But if you are going to have a social media presence, be on it! I don’t think I can speak for every woman, but on one or two occasions, I’ve met a man on Instagram who was supposedly straight up and true to his word. He swiped right on my profile—but that’s the only thing I got to know him as. So unless you have a good picture of who you are, don’t post anything on social media that will make it easier for other people to find and destroy you.

3. Pick Your Phone Colour

A phone is an extension of your hand, so if you want to stand out, dress it up in a colour that you really feel good about. Your phone should be in this colour for most of the time, but you can take off your case or use a screen protector for when you’re going to be showing off your phone to the public.

4. You Already Know What You Want in a Relationship

The job of your phone is to help you look good. It’s not to take care of you. So you don’t need to go out and buy a fancy phone case because there are any number of cases that you can buy at any outlet. Just go to the outlet and look around! If you find one that you like, buy it. Pick up whatever you like. You can do this. Also, you need to start using the Tinder app.

5. You Can’t Hear Water If You’re Standing Under A Tap

If you’re going to go out on a date, you might as well get to know a few