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Estlcam 10.045 |VERIFIED| Crack


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Hiding port number in HTTP requests in.NET

Imagine a situation where you have a web service that return some data. The service is located on a hidden port. This port number is not visible in the address bar.
In my case, I have a function called as isGet(String msg). Is it possible to have it return the message plus the port number of the service. Something like this,
isGet(String msg)
return “msg:” + msg + “:”, servicePort

Is it possible? If it is, how could I go about it?


No, not possible with any of the standard http libraries. It’s possible, but not within the language specs. You will need to fall back to using a raw connection to the port instead.
If you need to deal with hidden services, I’d recommend leveraging apache’s mod_rewrite, and forgoing standard http for opening up a web service instead.

Clinton advisers on Sunday said that former First Lady Hillary Clinton is looking forward to campaigning in Wisconsin and plans to stay in the state until her husband is sworn in as president.

Clinton is having lunch with Governor Scott Walker in Milwaukee on Monday, The Hill reported.

David Korb, a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, said that the former secretary of state and her husband, Bill Clinton, are looking forward to campaigning for other Democrats on the campaign trail.

Korb told The Hill that Hillary Clinton is looking forward to campaigning for other Democrats. He said that Democrats in Wisconsin have contacted her and are hopeful that the former first lady will help them get elected.

Several Democrats have called on Barack Obama to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin.

The Associated Press reported that Obama is not inclined to campaign for Baldwin.

Korb said that Hillary Clinton will “strongly consider” campaigning for Baldwin, the Wisconsin state lawmaker.

Walker, a Republican, was expected to easily win the state’s governor’s race.

Republican Party officials said that James Thompson, a veteran political consultant, will lead the party’s efforts in the state.