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[EXCLUSIVE] DFlip PDF FlipBook JQuery Plugin

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dFlip is a jQuery plugin for creating and sharing PDF flipbooks. Since PDF is an more than perfectly suitable format for this, it is possible to create flipbooks of all websites and blogs. (www.dflip.com/jquery)

dFlip is a jQuery plugin for creating and sharing PDF flipbooks. Since PDF is an more than perfectly suitable format for this, it is possible to create flipbooks of all websites and blogs. (www.dflip.com/jquery)


dFlip is a jQuery plugin for creating and sharing PDF flipbooks. Since PDF is an more than perfectly suitable format for this, it is possible to create flipbooks of all websites and blogs.


The usage is as simple as creating an HTML page. In the frontend a Flipper-Banner shows the default look. This page consists of two containers where your HTML is placed. You can add an embedded video or image using the Data-Attr attribute.

After filling in the form and clicking “Create” the layout is shown. Depending on the chosen size, the left button is black/gray or blue/green, showing how many pages the FlipBook will have. On the right you can see all available layouts. In total there are three sizes: If you choose the “Small” size, a 4×4-page layout is created. In the “Medium” size you get a 6×6-page layout and finally in the “Large” size you get an 8×8-page flipbook.

A very basic settings page allows you to change the size, the color of the color-scheme and the layout.


Show your message with 3D flip book flip and show your message. This jQuery plugin allows you to create 3D flip book with message(like p…

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★ You can add your own logo, image, flash to pages using the plugin ‘PNG’ files to se…Attitude to elderly in a paediatric clinic.
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How can I add a default metafield in wordpress

I am using a single-site.com plugin called MingleMetas which allows me to manage metafields through single-site admin.


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