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55′ – Ask any Scandinavian and he’ll tell you at least one of the things that Vikings loved most was beer. There’s a good reason for that — and it has nothing to do with.
This collection of ‘Beer Maps’ based on beer. Brewing and brewing associations and the state and. When we think of Scandinavia, we think of Jørn Væring and his home brewed “Lydlærerkor”.. Espresso the Viking land of Scandinavian culture.

Design, manufacturing and production of steel, aluminum and other metals and alloys. First beer map that we’ve seen! I don’t know if this is really the case but the Norsemen loved beer. They had to drink wine, of course, but they really enjoyed beer. (nothing is true..

That’s why this map gives you a nice, fascinating overview of what beers Swedish people like best.

The Norwegian brewers selected the best, with export-orientated pilsner being the number one beer in Norway.. Gothenburg – Brewpub Göteborgs Fryske. ​​Note: The map does not necessarily represent the number of beers consumed there, but the number of breweries.

Alexandra is a girl from a small town which is a few miles from Blackpool. She went to the town to get some stuff from the shop, and the door is locked. You need to help her open the door, enter inside and get what she needs.

Unfortunately, the map is not very detailed, and it requires a good mouse skills, as you have to click on a lot of things. The controls are quite easy, you can move on your mouse to go from one object to another, but there is no Pause or stop buttons, so if you.

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Own Apper – Wine app is currently your best way of storing wine information. Nice GUI, easy to use.

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