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Being a known online game platform, Roblox is known for hosting various games of different genres. Many of those games include themes which include Sci-fi (like Battle Universe), the Founding of the United States (like the American War game), the World War (like the War for the Empire game), the Haunted House, and others. In late 2015, the Star Wars collection was announced and released in 2016. In the middle of January 2018, Roblox released an expansion to the Crash Battle Royale mode called the Battle Royal. Recently, Roblox released a series of updates for the game called the “Infection Event” that sees players forced to work together to not fall victim to the virus. The Infection Event started on March 23, 2020, and ended on April 16, 2020. It included new characters, new ways to earn Robux, new special items, and new themed goods.
The contents of Roblox are all the games that are created by the Roblox users. It is the newest game development and distribution platform. The Roblox team has released over 7 million games by now. Most of those games belong to various genres, but there are also games based on live-action theme films and TV shows. Roblox is also well known for being an online game platform, hosting most of its games online, which are focused mainly in the server for the audience to play for free. Even if the game is not an official one, there are still a large number of players who just want to play it. Roblox is free to play, but it can support some in-game purchases with its in-game currency, Robux. Unlike other games, Robux in Roblox can be obtained by creating special contents and by participating in activities. Also, Robux can be gained in-game by finding special in-game items, while some items can be bought with real money. Some contents are excluded from the in-game purchases, but they can be bought with real money.
As of January 2020, Roblox has more than 164 million monthly active users. Over 60 percent of them are American children between the ages of 3 and 14. The company’s growth started since 2016 and kept accelerating to a high of 66 million monthly active users. More than 5.2 billion minutes were played in July 2018, and it was the longest to date.

Roblox is a web-based video game, social platform and game-based simulation application. This video


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Microsoft announced on August 9 that it plans to acquire Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion. Microsoft has been making a quick play to acquire another innovative game developer this year, having tried to snap up Rockstar Games in January. While both the Xbox and the PC have been hurting, Microsoft is hoping this acquisition will rejuvenate the Xbox, and with Mojang’s hit game Minecraft, it’s no doubt Microsoft thinks it will be a big win.

Minecraft is a sandbox computer and console video game created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson. Released in 2011, it is a virtual world that allows the player to build and place blocks, and an in-game currency called “Minecraft Dollars” is used as the game’s main means of payment. Additionally, players are required to purchase a “Minecraft Pack” with real-world money to continue playing the game.

The game has since become incredibly popular, achieving a viral effect with players building elaborate structures out of millions of blocks and filling entire worlds with a single character. In 2013, Minecraft saw 43 million active daily users and approximately $3.3 billion in annual revenue, according to a report from research firm Superdata Research.

In addition to being successful in spite of lacking official release dates, Minecraft has become a significant business. In October 2012, Persson founded Mojang, a company that produces development tools used for creating games, and that will now be under the direct control of Microsoft, while the community of volunteer developers will continue to operate independently, per a new blog post that appeared in July on the official Minecraft website.

By acquiring Mojang, Microsoft will now have the most popular sandbox video game in the world, an incredibly powerful property that will help drive the Xbox platform into the future.

However, while Microsoft might get the top game in the world and promote its games business, it will also be taking on a massive financial hit to try and make the acquisition happen.

Microsoft is currently working with Mojang to streamline the PC version of Minecraft, which is far more profitable than the Xbox version.

Last week, on August 9, Microsoft began a $2.5 billion offer to acquire Moj


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