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The problem is there is no picture or description next to a related image. When you edit the description, you will notice that images that are listed as Related do not have any (in this case, they do have them, but they are collapsed – you can expand the whole list of related images by clicking the name of the image in the Related header).
The solution is to do one of the following:

First, check to see that the image description actually has an image and a picture of that image. For example, here, where there is no (visible) image above the image description:

If you can’t see an image above the image description, make sure you are clicking the right image. Notice that this picture describes the category of the image above it.

Second, check that the images that you want to click on in the Related image list actually do have an image and a picture of that image. In this case, both image descriptions do have an image:

If you can’t see an image or picture there, try clicking on the image description below the image and make sure that it has an image and picture of that image.

A third alternative would be to move the Related images to the top of the list – this would cause them to be present even when you didn’t click any of the Related images:


ReactJS – passing a state method into component

I have a form that looks like this:

Basically, I have a few inputs and a submit button which is tied to the onChange callback. I have the component set up as follows:
import React from’react’
import Form from ‘./Form’

class FormContents extends React.Component {

constructor(props) {
this.state = {
title: ”,



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