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The fishing industry has become increasingly competitive with many anglers now competing on a recreational basis. Due to the rise in popularity, many states have instituted a series of regualtions concerning fishing practices, stocking levels, season lengths and such. In the past, the various states’ fishing regulations have been somewhat self-regulating with each state and/or the federal government periodically determining the fishing regulations and monitoring compliance. Enforcement of state or federal fishing regulations in some cases has sometimes been difficult and inconvenient, and enforcement of fishing regulations has sometimes been sporadic. Further, the enforcement of state or federal regulations has sometimes been lax due to the expenditure of funds on the fishing industry, and where money has been expended, revenues have tended to drop.
In an effort to more efficiently monitor fishing practices and enforce fishing regulations, some states have passed legislation requiring that a selected number of fishermen must be equipped with a monitoring device. For example, a certain number of fishermen may be required to be equipped with a monitoring device which will record the day of the year, the time of day, and the location of the fishermen. Further, some states have required that only a certain percentage of fishing boats be equipped with such devices so as to ensure that the required percentage of fishermen is provided with an appropriate monitoring device.
Prior art devices incorporating a hand held unit and a boat mounted unit have either required the inclusion of an auxiliary hand-held reel and/or hand-held rod in addition to the hand-held unit. Since the hand-held unit is intended for use with a fishing rod or pole and/or reel, these additional components have typically been cumbersome. Further, the reel or rod is typically mounted on the hand-held unit so as to allow the operator to gain easy access for winding the reel or reeling in a catch. In the typical hand-held unit, the reel or rod mounting provided with the hand-held unit is either of the belt mounted type or the bow mounted type. In both of these types of reel or rod mounting, the reel or rod is typically free to move relative to the hand-held unit

Mas faz tempo, ao invés de ler. e manda a página de erro de disparo de mensagens de erro. Visto que ao executar a aplicação em modo online, parece não existir nenhum erro.6-inch Strata

6-inch Strata is a Canadian animated series, based on the farcical Strata Stories comic book series, created and directed by Jean-Pierre Goyer. The series aired on YTV from July 25, 1999 to July 23, 2001, with a total of 55 episodes.

The show is about a group of teenagers who have the ability to live in various vases. They could live in the space between the bubbles inside the vase. They are able to control the bubbles around their vase to interact with the environment around them, to transform into different animals, or run.

The main cast
Len Trecotte and Cyril Desjardins are the two main characters; the latter one is the brown bear living in the vase, while the former one is the yellow cat living in the vase.

Dumas and Tara are the other main characters of the Strata series.

They live in their “pet vases” with their pet guinea pigs, dogs and cats, and other animals such as a camel, a lizard, a turtle, and an elephant.

Laurent and Quentin are the father and son owners of the Strata bookstore.

A video game was also released in 2000, with a photo-romance love story as plot, and featuring a cameo of Cyril Desjardins. A second game, featuring a brief animated episode, was released later.


Jean-Pierre Goyer – Cyril Desjardins (voice actor)
Thomas F. Gilligan – Len Trecotte (voice actor)
Catherine Disher – Tara (voice actor)
Julie Lemieux – Dumas (voice actor)
Sandra Roan – Laure
Monia Dancholi – Montana
David DeJonge – Quentin (voice actor)


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