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Oct 11, 2011. of 100 available at the website. .#ifndef ASF_PRIVATE_H

#define INIT_PRIVATE(flag) asm volatile (” movl %0, %%eax
” : : “i” (flag))

#define _PRIVATE_H_

* Private utility functions

#define enqueue(l,r,f) ((l->head=r->head)==l || \
(l->head=r->head=(l)->tail=r->head=r->tail=r) && f)

#define dequeue(l,f) ((l->head=l->tail=(l)->tail=r->head)==l || \
(l->head=l->tail=l->tail=r->head=r) && f)

#define isempty(l) ((l)->head==(l)->tail)

#define head(l) ((l)->head)

#define tail(l) ((l)->tail)

* Maintain the head pointer for a list so that it can move without
* interfering with the caller.

#define list_entry(ptr, type, member) \
((type *)((char *)ptr – offsetof(type, member)))

#endif /* ASF_PRIVATE_H */
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How can I learn Emacs/Auctex/makefiles/shell (and packaging)?

I’m currently using Windows and therefore Emacs (and AUCTeX) only run in the command line.
Currently I build a new project through Vim or a shell script.
I’m sure there must be a way to have the project files compiled in Emacs and compile them with AUCTeX if I want to have some kind of shell build function instead of a Vim script or the shell script itself.
I don’t want to get mired into the emacs-shell-file.el project and the whole Emacs build system.
So what are some good (Free / Open Source) resources on packaging / distributing / building / creating packages?
I’m interested in learning how projects like NPM or Maven are packaged and distributed (if there are ways to build on different platforms)


Look at the target functions of GNU’s emacs-shell-file.el. These seem to be what you are after.

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