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2021年06月17日 02:42
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When the newly re-elected Republican governors of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all signed pro-union pro-insurance measures into law this week, the party received some much-needed good news. But it was hardly enough to blunt the political consequences of President Trump’s actions to circumvent the Affordable Care Act.

Indeed, Trump and many of his party officials spent the week celebrating the four new pro-union laws, which combined with a pro-union federal labor board, means that a majority of the unionization campaigns in the country have a better chance of success. And in the states where this wave of unionization has been most effective, Republicans will find themselves fighting an uphill battle to maintain control of state governments next year.

That is especially true in Michigan, which remains firmly in Democratic control. In the Michigan House, Democrats will be far stronger than they have been in years, with perhaps as many as 40 seats at stake. And in the state Senate, where Republicans enjoyed an 8-5 majority in 2012 but where Democrats now have a 10-2 majority, Democrats will be determined to turn the tables and recapture the upper chamber. (This would have been an extraordinary feat under the old rules.)

The newly elected governor, Gretchen Whitmer, campaigned on a promise to attack corruption and ethical lapses in state government. But even if she continues to make ethics a hallmark of her tenure, Republicans in both chambers will have far more maneuvering room than they did under the last governor, Rick Snyder, who preceded


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