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Should I use an auto-increment field for creating an ID?

I’m working on a database for an application that will be used by a large group of users, and I’m a little bit stuck on what to use for auto-incrementing IDs. Most of the answers I see on similar questions seem to encourage the use of auto-increment fields rather than simply making the ID a field in the entity. However, those answers all come from the perspective of a web application, and don’t address the unique concerns of a database. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using auto-increment as opposed to simply declaring the id field as an int?


You should use an autoincrement value for your ID field only if it is mandatory for your table.
An ID field is just a simple field as anyone could create your table. But, why should you force your users to put an ID value if they want to create a new row?
In such cases, you should use a separate table with autoincrement fields for the ID and your other columns.

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