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Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre: Kids’ games
Developer: Roblox, Inc.
Developer Website:
App Store URL:
Google Play URL:
Windows URL:

Roblox | What is Roblox?

In this Roblox video, learn about the world of Roblox and discover your options for creating an immersive experience in every game.
Learn about the many features to create unique games!
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ROBUXGUIDE where you can earn free robux and


Features Key:


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Account Access

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game that is played using your own web browser. Just go to and log in using your username and password. Account creation is free.

Account Access Options

Player Access

These new items and skills are for player only. They can’t be accessed by the admins.

Fitness Trainer

Physical Fitness Trainer: The Physical Fitness Trainer will teach you to play dodgeball, ride a bike and swim across rivers.

Disability Trainer: The Disability Trainer will teach you to play wheelchair basketball, zip lines and hovercraft.

Bullseye Shooter

Archery Trainer: The Archery Trainer will teach you to shoot a bow and arrow.

Toboggan Trainer: The Toboggan Trainer will teach you to ride a toboggan, skis and snowboards.

Skate Park Trainer: The Skate Park Trainer will teach you to skateboard.

Mind Reader Trainer: The Mind Reader Trainer will teach you how to spot the most cruel animal traps.

Bicycle Racer: The Bicycle Racer will teach you how to ride a bicycle.

Field Hockey Trainer: The Field Hockey Trainer will teach you to play field hockey.

Dodgeball Trainer: The Dodgeball Trainer will teach you to play dodgeball.

Nuclear Scientist: The Nuclear Scientist will teach you how to build an atomic bomb and impact a city.

Mini Golf Trainer: The Mini Golf Trainer will teach you how to build the best mini golf courses.

Green Sports Trainer: The Green Sports Trainer will teach you how to play soccer, tennis and fencing.

Air Hockey Trainer: The Air Hockey Trainer will teach you to play air hockey.

Roller Coaster Trainer: The Roller Coaster Trainer will teach you to ride a roller coaster.

Capoeira Trainer: The Capoeira Trainer will teach you to dance and play capoeira.

Zeropoint Game Trainer: The Zeropoint Game Trainer will teach you to play Zeropoint games.

Nightmare Light: The Nightmare Light will wake up a previously dead player who has lost all their health.


The Dark Stone and the Guardian Stone will grant 5 robux every time they are used.

Scout of the Dead will grant 50 gold every time it’s used.

Arsonist will grant 20 gold every


What’s new:


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What Is Robux?

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