Hsc Chemistry 7.0 Software Free Download _VERIFIED_


Hsc Chemistry 7.0 Software Free Download _VERIFIED_

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Hsc Chemistry 7.0 Software Free Download

Ms HSC Chemistry simulation software.. The interface allows easy identification of the. books and handouts.. Please note that the software is not available on a licence basis,. is a leading company in solution simulation software and development of new.He’s not your average ball of fun: this is a desi male who carries a torn kurta as he hosts his family for a wedding in Punjab.

In the backdrop of a wedding in Fatehgarh Sahib, hundreds of couples tie the knot across the state each year. But this one is a little different from the usual: visitors ogle his torn kurta, which he says he has since childhood.

Pratik Kumar, a resident of Sundernagar, says he got this design after his father died in 2002, and that it has stayed with him all his life. He now embroiders it himself on his kurta, he says.

Mr Kumar has been giving this kurta a makeover since he finished his graduation, a job which has now brought him to the state capital, says Jaydeep Bawaskar, his friend and former classmate. Mr Kumar, 35, a humble man, is happy with the way the kurta has held up over the years.

Besides the kurta, Mr Kumar wears a wide-brimmed hat with his favourite paan. He has been told that he looks like the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, and that he does have a resemblance.

Mr Bawaskar calls him a comedian. “He has a lot of jokes. Whenever there is a wedding, we as a group host it, but he is never shy to do it,” he says, adding that he would crack jokes in Punjabi in the event of a crowded gathering. “He is one of the rare people who are able to speak languages other than Hindi and Punjabi,” Mr Bawaskar says.

Mr Bawaskar, who has been with Mr Kumar for eight years, says that Mr Kumar was the only Indian in the community of an apple orchard in Sundernagar. Later, he discovered that he was the only Sikh in the immediate locality, and he invited him to his house for the first time.

“I was surprised to see how educated he was. He could speak nine languages, including Greek. Our education system needs to take note of people like Mr Kumar,” Mr Bawaskar says.


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