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infinity box farce josh rijavim v1.1.1 {InfinityBox FREE BEST v1.51 liberar movil.rar}In the weeks before the game’s release, our staff at Bravely Default: Melodies stayed together in good spirits. But we’re not the only ones giddily anticipating Square Enix’s new RPG (more on that in the article further down).

Fellow series creator Yasumi Matsuno has been steadily dropping hints about Square Enix’s new fighting game all year. Fans began seeing a lot of Smash Bros. references in 2015 and last October, a key phrase from his Twitter account was dubbed “I don’t play Nintendo…” in reference to Nintendo.

Now, this month, Matsuno has posted a tweet that shows off the game’s battle system.

And this month, too, he’s gotten a new Twitter account with the same name as his new project.

So what could this new game be?

It’s almost certainly the new game in Final Fantasy‘s long-running series, which is called Final Fantasy XV. No official announcements have been made, but Matsuno’s last projects—Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2—were also announced under this franchise.

Matsuno’s full Tweet is below:

The gray is a reference to the fact that Final Fantasy games are traditionally colorized, and this tweet might hint at the game’s framerate, which used to be 60 fps. A full-featured 16:9 experience would run at that frame-rate.

Meanwhile, the lower-resolution tweet above has all the same elements, but the font is darker and the colors are more muted. That’s because it’s a compressed


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