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Since $|\Phi_s|^2$ is a linear function of $\rho$, the SNR for this system will be

$$SNR = \frac{\left(\frac{P}{N_0}\right)^2\left(\int_{0}^{2\pi}|\Phi_s(\rho)|^2\rho d\theta \right)^2}{\frac{1}{4} \int_{0}^{2\pi}[|\Phi_c(\theta)|^2+|\Phi_s(\rho)|^2]\rho^2 d\theta} = \left(\frac{P}{N_0}\right)^2\left( \int_{0}^{2\pi}|\Phi_s(\rho)|^2\rho d\theta\right)^2

Here, $\rho$ is the distance from the observation point to the reflector. When a reflector is geometrically motivated, we would have $\rho = \cos(\theta)$. However, we have the freedom to determine the reflector distance by making $\rho

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