Malwarebytes Premium With LifeTime Crack [BEST]


Malwarebytes Premium With LifeTime Crack [BEST]



Malwarebytes Premium With LifeTime Crack

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How to get the option of the day to appear as a drop down?

I’m doing a timer module that has options for the day, such as first shift, second shift, etc. How do I make them show up in drop down menus?


I’m not sure how you are getting the option into the dropdown, but if you just need to display them in a list, you can use the following code in the controller to populate the drop down with a list of day names:
// This will create a list of all the days of the month
$Days = range(“Sunday”, “Saturday”);

// Add a default option at the beginning
$Days[] = “Sunday”;

// Sort the days

// Use a foreach loop to create the dropdown
foreach($Days as $day){
// Build the option and label
$dayTitle = date(“l”, strtotime($day));

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