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I want to retrieve all the URLs and store them in a list.


A website can’t store your data, so it will have to be downloaded first. Then parsing the urls from the downloaded file will be easy.
You can do something like this:
import requests
import re

with requests.Session() as s:
r = s.get(“”)
urlpatterns = [re.match(r’.*/([^/]+)\.pdf$’, re.escape(s.headers[‘location’]))]
for url in r.iter_content(4096):
if’url\s*=\s*”.*”‘, url):

A little background. I’m working in the cosmetology industry (read: anesthetics) at the very moment, and I’m slowly working my way up through my program. I work mostly in the middle eastern area so I can give you guys a little bit of insight on how things are done.

So, the results are in. My lab class is very fun and very challenging at the same time. I had expected the class itself to be the most challenging aspect, but I was wrong. The lab class is generally a little bit less stressful than the theory class. However, there are two things that I disliked about this class.1) It is extremely time consuming! – Yes, it is expected that you will need to spend some time with the books and writing in a lab. But the lab basically runs all day. Sometimes, the instructor will just take over the room. It really takes a lot of time and energy to write everything down in your lab. The first experiment, for example, can take up to 40 minutes for one person to write down all the lab observations and build a group up. This is the main problem with this lab and class. 2) The questions are extremely difficult and not given to the students earlier in the semester. This greatly hinders the progression of the class. Once this class is over, all of the results will be posted and you can figure out what you did wrong.

I definitely feel like I learned more in this class than I did in

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