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No Database Found Change Database Path Tolerance Data


Nov 4, 2019
SQL Server express .
Aug 19, 2019
SQL Server Express editions do not have a data directory .
Jul 8, 2019
PowerShell support for Always On Availability Groups is planned .
Jun 24, 2019
Deploy the Always On Availability Groups feature of Windows Server to a non-production instance .
May 10, 2019
A Windows Server .
Feb 18, 2019
SQL Server Express editions are not supported for Always On Availability Groups .
Sep 25, 2018
SQL Server Management Studio can be installed without having SQL Server installed by following the path in the following command: .

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Oracle Database



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Countdown Timer WordPress

I have this code in my wordpress theme that uses php to show some data in my web page. I need to show something in the bottom right of the web page that changes according to how much time left until the data is shown. I’m very new to php and I’m open to new ideas. Right now all I know is to run my function and it shows on my web page.
function show_data($name, $year){
$t = getdate();
$t_usec = $t[‘seconds’];
$d = getdate();
$d_usec = $d[‘seconds’];
$diff = $d_usec – $t_usec;
$total_timestamps = floor($diff / 60);
$diff_secs = floor(($diff % 60));
$diff_remaining = sprintf(‘%02d:%02d’, $diff_secs / 60, $diff_secs % 60);
return sprintf(‘%s (%d)’, $name, $year);


Jan 3, 2022
An Everglades-dependent bird without a future.
In November 2018, a world-renowned ornithologist studying the Florida Everglades called Wildlife Science for a program on the survival of endangered wading birds. What she found was truly depressing, like watching one of your own species expire before your very eyes. Her love and dedication to wildlife was clear, as was her focus on the species at risk, but she asked me to write this article to provide some background to these alarming findings, and to explain how she and her team are attempting to deal with this crisis.Q:

jQuery’s.each() function doesn’t work as intended?

I am using.each() function on a very simple application as follows.

var cartcardSection = document.getElementById(“shoppingCart”);

cartcardSection.onmouseover = function(){

cartcardSection.onmouseout = function(){



Now, the problem is that.shoppingCart IS NOT the element that has the id shoppingCart, but instead it refers to another element that is a sibling to it.
Should I instead use Event Delegation here?


Use the ‘hover’ property of the.cartcardSection element in the mouseover event handler. It will fire when you mouseover an element as well as when you move the mouse over it.

// Copyright Oliver Kowalke 2013.
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
// (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
// based on boost