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Targeted delivery of drugs to the eye is of growing importance for treating diseases that affect the front of the eye (cornea and retina) and back of the eye (uvea) such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis, and dry eye. Delivery of therapeutic substances to the retina in this manner provides significant advantages over traditional systemic delivery, including the potential for reduced side effects, greater efficacy, and a decreased total amount of drug required.
Recent studies have shown that the most effective drugs for treating retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, retinitis, and dry eye can be topically administered. Topically applied drugs exhibit the following potential advantages: i) reduced systemic side effects resulting from limited penetration of the drug into the bloodstream, ii) increased patient compliance, since the patient need not remember to take the drug, iii) faster onset of therapeutic effects, due to faster systemic absorption, iv) lower total drug dosage, since the topically administered drug is in direct contact with the target tissue and v) direct contact of the drug with the diseased tissue. Accordingly, the use of topical administration (instead of systemic administration) of drugs to the eye has become desirable and accepted for treating diseases affecting the retina.
Currently available topical drug delivery technologies


The problem is most likely that you need to switch the position of the @ and the variable name. Your code looks like this to me:

What you need is to switch the @ and the variable name, like this:
$arr = preg_split(‘/[-_]/’, $campos);

This would be the final code:
$array = preg_split(‘/[-_]/’, $campos, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);

The reason why you cannot get proper results, is that every other match (i.e. strings that don’t fit the regexp) is assigned to the array.

San Juan Record Classifieds, Events, Businesses In Monticello, San Juan County, Utah

May 19, 2013 | 4399 views | 0 | 153 | |

PRESCOTT – The Monticello’s sixth grade students are the proud owners of a map of the world.

The students conducted a global study and created a map and a timeline for events in each country.

The students requested that their map be delivered to the county’s junior high and high school because they believed the information would be beneficial for students in those areas.

The students researched the country by asking questions such as what they like about the country?

Where do they live?

How old are they?

Who are their leaders?

The country the students found was Jamaica. They learned about the Jamaican people and how they live in that country.

The students learned about the government of Jamaica and the history of the island.

The students learned about the geography of Jamaica. The classes learned how Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, and that it is bordered by Cuba, Venezuela, and the Atlantic Ocean.

The students learned about the economy of Jamaica. They learned that the economy of Jamaica is different from that of the United States because the Jamaican government offers inexpensive education, an excellent health care system, and a strong military.

One of the students learned that Jamaica is the only English-speaking country that is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The students learned that part of the island is covered with dense vegetation and mountainous regions.

The students learned that Jamaica is an independent nation and has a government that is divided into 17 provinces.

On the timeline

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