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Ohmforce € Ohmicide Pro VST Free Free Download

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Ohmforce € Ohmicide Pro VST Free Download

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How to save an image after reloading web content in iOS

I have a web-based application for iPhone, and in that web application, every form in UI is rendered by the browser itself, for example, when I fill a form in my application I have to give a name and when I click submit, I will get the image based on that name.
I have found a way to save the image from the iPhone to the application folder, but the problem is that, the first time I fill the form, I get the image from my application folder, when I press the back button on browser and then when I fill the form again, I get the image from the application folder, which is not what I want.
I want the same image to be present when I fill the form, even if I reload the content. Is there any way to do that?


Create an uploads folder in your Documents folder, and save the file. This folder will be automatically checked for upload by the simulator (if you use it), and by your app if you upload it to the app store.
If you want to keep the image in a cache (e.g. if it’s a cacheable image), you should save it to the cache instead.

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