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What is the difference between the $\langle a \rangle$-constant and the complex number $a$?

I stumbled upon this comment on

This answer shows that there are infinitely many $\langle a \rangle$ but not infinitely many complex numbers.

Can someone explain what exactly is meant by “there are infinitely many $\langle a \rangle$ but not infinitely many complex numbers”?


The angle brackets $\langle a \rangle$ are a notation for the set of complex numbers with real part $a$. One might be tempted to think that since the real numbers form a subset of the complex numbers, it follows from this that the $\langle a \rangle$ have to be real. But this is not true. For example, $\langle 2 \rangle = \{1, 1+i\}$.
One way to see that this is the case is to note that this is true for each real $a$. Indeed, if $a$ is real, $a = \mathrm


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